Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

I have such a sweet little family. What a joy. Little Violet stumbled into my room around 7 am for an early morning nap with me. Then she quietly got up and a very responsible Zeb got all the little kids breakfast. Zeb and Han walked the dog and everyone stayed quiet so the big girls and I could sleep in. Once I got up, we finished up last week's homework for the little's and the big girls got up and cleaned the kitchen and sent me back to bed to they could make me lunch in bed..since they slept through breakfast. Everyone is just so good to me...yes it is Mother's Day... all of these things are just like every other day I get to be home from work with my family. There are lots of moments filled with chaos, but there are increasingly more time filled with calm. I expect that to change in about 4 months when #10 makes an I guess I better take a nap...stat! Happy Mother's day to all you mom's out there like me who feel too lucky to deserve any sort of special day...I am blessed with my gifts every day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The most dangerous emotion..

I had a boyfriend in college that I met in the college bookstore. He was working there..stocking the shelves and randomly turned to me and asked me if I thought two people could have a meaningful relationship if one of them felt guilty about something. Probably, I should have remembered that a little more clearly months later when we started dating! haha..that was many, many, many years ago. He was right to ask that question though because guilt manipulates you into doing all sort of crazy things. When I was younger, I would get myself into more trouble somehow trying to justify actions or behaviours that made me feel guilty. I think guilty people try to shift the blame for things onto others and just don't take responsibility. It is easier than admitting you have been a jerk! It can be big things or it can be very little things. Guilt is a giant wedge in a relationship and it just gets bigger. It can start out so small too and then become so big. I am kind of an introvert with probably a little too much insight and internal dialogue about my emotional motivations..yes. Guilt becomes even trickier when you disguise it, or rename it as a sense of duty. At what point are you obligated by duty and at what point are you being manipulated by guilt? I don't know that anyone has enough insight to clearly separate those two! Obviously, I am feeling a bit guilty about something. In 2008, we accepted a referral for a 4 year old boy from Kyrgyzstan...moratoriums happen we lost some money. Kyrgyzstan reopened we tried again and lost some more money. Kyrgyzstan reopened again and we adopted our boys from China. Now, this cute little 4 year old is an 11 year old on a hosting list for a summer hosting program. Our life is very full right now...we have 9 children - 2 home less than a year. For many of you who don't know this...we are also pregnant and expecting baby number 10 in September. We are desperately trying to pay off bills especially adoption costs from the latest additions. We have a lot going on this summer and I feel guilty or is it a sense of duty to host this little guy. We have followed along with him peripherally since our initial referral - people we know have visited him, they know him, they say such sweet and wonderful things about him. I can justify not hosting him - if I were talking to a friend in my situation with this particular problem I would have no problem whole heartedly saying "you have a lot going on and you have to take care of you. There is no reason to feel like you have any responsibility towards him - you have walked the path God meant you to walk. You have prayed about it and you need to listen and follow your heart." Seriously, I would never think less of any friend who would choose not to host a child when they had so much on their would be the responsible thing, in fact. At some point, even large family homeschooling crazy mama's have to minimize the chaos. Yet, I think about the picture of a 4 year old boy getting a Dumbo stuffed elephant with a picture of his new family in the little attached picture frame. I wonder if one month of being hosted in a family would make the difference between hopelessness and hope when he eventually ages out....or if there might be a family willing to take a chance on an 11 year old if the meet him while he is over here being hosted. I have known he was on the hosting list for several weeks, but it was easier to think that maybe it is better to not worry about it because maybe a family who is planning on adopting might choose him to host for the summer. We wouldn't want to hurt his chances. Today, I got the "only a few weeks left" email from the hosting program and he is still unmatched. I feel guilty. What is important? Am I a hypocrite - do I really walk the walk for the talk that most of my t shirts talk! I haven't written anything on this blog in forever and there are probably only like 2 peeps who peek in - this is really more of a rhetorical post. This issue is one I have to resolve within myself and it is nice to be able to type it out.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Holidays

We just had a great run with the holidays. We spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Beach. We went to Nag's Head, NC and had a house right on the beach. Seriously, there is no other way to can look out at the water when you are cooking dinner and hear the waves crashing as you go to sleep at night...loved it! Last night Violet wanted to lay in bed and talk with me about the beach before we fell asleep. I am pretty sure she thinks that is "our" beach house (we stayed in the same house both trips). It was nice...I think I like my beaches a tad warmer though! haha. Tonight I was home alone with the kids and gave V a bath and all of the other kids just came up by the bathroom so we could hang out and talk...then we just all (yes all 8 of us...Lil is at her dad's) went into the girls room to brush V's hair and just hang out. It was nice to just sit around and talk with my little family with no electronics, no tv shows, no food...just hanging.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September already...

I can't believe it is already September...and almost October. My life is a whirlwind...kind of a blur actually. It is still a blur and we are actively trying to slow it down! I have had several weeks at home this month because of working nights and vacation..but it still feels like I haven't had time to chill out. What is new. School is going great...I think it is going great. I am on top of the scheduling and it is mostly all getting done in a timely fashion. We have really and truly finished 4 weeks of school and I am pleased as punch. Han is definitely doing great learning English...he runs his words together a little too quickly and backslides on enunciation but he is doing really good. Ulysses is not talking as much as Han, but he is able to get his idea across pretty well. I think his receptive language skills are behind Han's a little more than is expressive skills. We are still working on the alphabet with Ulysses and learning letters. Ben and Zeb are cruising through their second grade stuff. We need to sit and read with them a little more than we do now, we have to prioritize the read aloud to mom and dad part of school! Alex is rocking her homework...she is kind of all over the place in terms of her assignments...math at one grade, history and geography at another grade, but she is reading right along with Lily at the 7th grade go girl! Lily is awesome - she still gets a little crazy and dysregulated when she is tire..I don't think that is something she is going to outgrow...she will just learn to manage it better as she gets older. She is waaaaaaaay better than she was 3 years ago! It was so sad to close the pool last week...I love having family time at the pool...I think the reason I love it so much is that it is totally uninterrupted and I am completely involved with the kids there with no other distractions because it is kids near the water. I am looking for the secret to endless amounts of mommy energy and making an hour last longer than 60 minutes...if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why do orphans need families?

I am a very, very good procrastinator. I know that I am because I am racing against the clock right now to watch 18 Trust-based Relational Intervention videos and take quizzes all before midnight tonight. They are, of course, really good and I am regretting not making time for them earlier in the summer. I have been sort of a mess this summer! As I am frantically watching these great videos..I noticed in my email that I have a blog writing assignment from August 5th...oops. "Why do orphans need families?" I have been involved in the world of international adoption for a long time and I have seen a lot of heart wrenching loneliness, and sadness. I am not sure there are any words that can answer that question. I tried to sit down and make an outline...three points to answer the question type brainstorming...definitions...the whole 9 yards. However, the thing that answers that question for me isn't anything that I have read and I doubt I will be able to purvey it in anything I could possibly write! It was the first time I physically set foot in an orphanage. A real live, not on TV designed to jerk out some tears, first hand "here hold this tiny little guy with no parents" experience. On my first trip to Kyrgyzstan in 2007, I saw lots of kiddos that were referred for adoption to other families, I took pictures for their excited parents and I was asked to make a general evaluation of a little girl with various issues in her file that made her perspective adoptive parents nervous. Meeting this girl completely changed my life. I met lots of kids that day...including my son, Zeb, but this was the moment that personifies and explains why orphans need families. The nanny brought out this little girl that was small for her age and extremely delayed in her milestones. She had a marked dullness in her eyes....not really focusing on anything, not interacting with me at all, not interacting with her nanny. She was just kind of existing, alone. I took her and started talking to her, smiling at her, holding her up to my eye level and engaging her. For a lack of better phrase-ology..I was just pouring out some good old fashioned mommy-love. Then was I surprised when she looked right back at me, right into my soul like a laser and that look totally changed how I looked at the world. She connected, she still had hope and she had a palpable pleading in her eyes that was just so basic and innocent and longing... it shot a jolt of electricity through me, gave me goosebumbs and straight-up broke my heart. She was just a baby and she was languishing and losing hope....but even a small amount of attention and love could rekindle that desire to interact and seek love. Wow. So the answer to "Why do orphans need families?" is go and see for yourself. Go, visit orphans in the time of their distress...experience what the orphan crisis is. The faces of the orphans you meet will haunt you. Once you see; you can't ignore it. My totally broken heart will always be able to see room for one more in my family because I have really and truly seen why orphans need families. The insanity, inconvenience, and scaling down that accompanies a large family really seems like a small price to pay.


I am so excited to say that the handsome young man I wrote about in my previous post has a pretty cool family racing to get him! Yeah!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aging Out

This is a 13yo little boy who will turn 14 in November. What does it mean to turn 14 to him? It means his chance at finding a family is gone. This is a little boy who is being hosted in the US for the next 2 days and he really wants to be adopted and find his family. Somehow, this little boy has remained considerate, sweet, and continues to care about younger children - trying to cheer them up when they are sad. His host family has many good things to say about this sweet boy.

He does have some needs that slow him down physically and he is somewhat small for his age, but he has a great sense of humor - as you can see from this lively picture.

Let me tell you why this little boy breaks my heart. Despite years in an orphanage, this little boy has retained hope and sweetness. It is so easy to lock yourself away, lash out and hurt others, to stop caring about those who are weak and vulnerable. So many people who have families and resources do that...look many resourced, comfortable people do you see who have done that? Here, is a young boy who has not had a mom to comfort him when he was hurt. Yet, he continues to comfort and care about those who are more vulnerable than he is. Wow...what a heart.

He still has hope and he has only 4 months left. There are no crystal balls, but I imagine his life if he ages out. With his need, it will be difficult for him to find a job. Many of you probably know that there are quite a disparity between the number of men and women in China for his age group for one disturbing it seems unlikely that he will ever have a family. For some reason that breaks my heart for children who clearly have a great desire to love and be loved.

If you have read my blog, you know we have 9 children already. I would not hesitate to make him number 10, except my husband thinks I am certifiably insane and I have promised him we are done!

If you have any questions about adopting an aging out little boy please contact me, if you have an interest in this little boy...his time is so short! Please contact me and I will put you touch with his host family. Please pray that he finds his family soon! I will be praying hard for this little guy for sure!

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