Sunday, April 6, 2014

Han too

He is not very smily or sassy in this picture like a lot of the other ones.  We actually got 2 more pictures, but there are some other boys in the pictures too.  I suspect, they are his two best friends.  He mentioned them in his answers to our 5 questions.

I can't believe that we will be getting ready to pick them up so soon.  We have been working on our summer scout trips and I have to keep reminding myself that we will have our boys home by then.  We are planning our next Disney trip too...yeah!  We will be packed into that bus!  Mostly, I am looking forward to just staying home and getting to know my new sons.  Too bad we don't have a ping pong table - apparently that is Han's favorite game....don't get any ideas Keith!

Post LOA updates

Pictures are so much fun. that's all I have to say. two weeks ago we got some new pictures and answers to the infamous 5 questions CCAI has you ask about your child (or children) when you get your LOA. Han likes to play ping pong and is super excited and happy to have a family. Ulysses likes to carry around a stuffed bear (maybe the one we sent him...i don't know) and play with his cars (maybe the ones we sent him...I don't know!). We received their measurements and Han is a giant! Well maybe not a giant...but he is 5'5" and weighs 128 pounds and wears a us size 7 shoe! Ulysses is almost exactly Zoe's size in height and weight. We received our provisional approval for our i800 last week and our nvc case was forwarded to GUZ on friday. I filled out their immigration visa's tonight and now we wait for the next step. I am pretty sure we will be travelling the 3rd week of May but i don't even know for sure which of us are will probably definitely (do you like that?!) be keith, me and violet. If Ben and Zeb's passports arrive soon, they will likely come too. We don't have any prices for travelling or any idea how long our trip will actually be. Don't you love the uncertainty of the adoption process!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thank You!

We are getting close to bringing these guys home! We should get our I800 approval like any minute and then we wait for a couple more steps of approvals totalling about 4 weeks. We have to travel before the end of May in order to get to Han before he turns 14 on June 3.

We received some really generous donations in the last few weeks and I just wanted to take time to say thank you to all of the people that have really humbled me with how much they care! I am so grateful for not only the financial aspect of their donation...but the symbolic idea that there are people out there that care about orphans finding families and who care about my boys getting a family! Thank you so much!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Kristin (the amazing woman that introduced us to our son, Han)managed to find us some pictures of Han getting dumplings during the Lantern Festival. Wow...he is such a big kid! I am so looking forward to meeting him soon. We sent in our I800 and now we wait for our I800 provisional approval. I am a little unclear what magic happens in between the US and China until we travel...but hey that is what my agency is for! There are provisional approvals, article 5's, consulate appointements and Travel approvals. All I know is that soon we will be officially transfered over to the travel department at CCAI and that is when we will find out the final cost of this whole travel thing and will get a preliminary travel plan. The plan will be a little different than their average (posted on the internet) itinerary becuase we will need to travel to 2 different provinces. In the meantime...if you are thinking about needing an awesome new Thirty - One bag...Jes Scheel is very graciously holding a thirty-one fundraiser for us on facebook! We are getting close to travel and if you are thinking about needing a new bag you could get a cool new bag and help support our adoption! Leave a message here if you would like an invite to our fundraising thirty-one party!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Seriously. I had a feeling things would move fast and I am so excited to say that we have word that our LOA is on the way for both boys. Thank you God! There was some talk last week from our agency that we might only get our LOA for Han and not for Ulysses...ugggg! Thankfully that didn't happen! So that was that like 2 1/2 weeks from our LID. I am loving the fast track...and I am freaking out at the same time. We still haven't figured out bedrooms, redone the bathroom downstairs, put up a new fence around the pool where a tree slammed a section down. We don't have 100% babysitting and kidwatching hammered out for the time we will be gone. We don't really know how long we can expect to be gone since we have to pick up boys in 2 different provinces...although they are relatively close to each other. Last night, I did buy a pair of pants for each of the boys...and that about sums up my amount of preparedness...I have one pair of pants for each of them. Haha. We finally talked to the international adoption clinic in Cincinati about Ulysses. OK, I know that like everyone and their dog is all....get your referral info evaluated by an IAC doc...but that is totally not the way I normally roll. I paid for an eval on Zeb....big waste of money. I didn't waste my money on the girls...seriously with most kids you are either in and then deal with stuff or you are out....that is my way of looking at things. We didn't pay for an eval for Han...I don't feel like there is anything they can tell me that would be helpful before he gets home. We don't need our hands held or to look at the kids on the growth curve...we are bringing our big boys home and then we are getting everyone healthy. Now for Ulysses, there are things with him that I am just not sure how to handle while we are in China and I wanted some guidance. How are we supposed to care for his suprapubic catheter, what should we bring for his bed sores if he still has them, what antibiotics should I bring for I need to bring an iv kit with some iv antibiotics in case he is really sick, what have other families done at pick up for kids with mobility issues? Yes, I also wanted them to coordinate all of the appointments and imaging etc that we are going to have to do at the Cincinati Children's Hospital when we get back. We are totally all in for bringing these boys home and we have been since we saw them. Was it worth the $ Although, I probably should have saved the money, looked more stuff up and talked to more BTDT parents and put the money in our adoption fund....see now I am feeling guilty about spending the money. UG. We will see how I feel about it after I get my emailed list of supplies, bowel management suggestions and directions on caring for a suprapubic catheter....and after we travel..if we need anything from them. So....back to the excitement of getting our LOA...woohoo. Our I800's are on the way to CCAI and then on the way to the lock box this week. Wow...I love it when a plan comes together!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Waiting and procrastinating!

Just because he is so cute in red! I wonder if he has received our package? He should have received it by now. We were blessed with confirmation when Ulysses received his first package and even got to see a picture on LWB webpage. yeah! We are just waiting for our LOA. I have no idea how long it is going to take. It normally takes a couple of months, but theoretically it will be a lot faster so we can get there before he ages out. I have heard of it taking as little as one week for aging out kiddos. We are one week from LID so I am starting that check my email every hour thing. At the same time, I am not getting anything done around the house that needs to be done. There are rooms to change around and decorate and much shopping to be done. We have to redo the bathroom in the boys' room. We have most of the items we need because we have been planning a redo for some time. There is still lots of planning and researching to be done especially about what we need to plan for and pack for picking up Ulysses. Instead I am being a total lump on a log today. Sitting at the computer and drinking some delicious coffee. I will probably clean the house up the rest of the way and chill out with the kids. On Monday, I resume my hourly email checks!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vote for Holden!

Vote Reese's Rainbow is running a popularity contest! Please head over and vote for Holden to give us the chance to earn some extra funding for his adoption! Tell your friends, your family...hey tell strangers! It would be just super if we could get Holden in the top 21 and maybe raise some extra funding! Thanks!!!

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