Saturday, December 30, 2006

2 am musings on my girls

I am all alone for 3 weeks. My daughter is with her father in New Orleans until January 15th, and I am not sure where my new daughter is or what she is doing. I have been scouring the internet trying to find out all that I can on how she is living, what she is eating, what she is wearing. It is kind of hard, since I don't even know how old she is or where exactly she is coming from. I am working through the Eyes Wide Open workbook and there are some great exercises where you imagine what your child is and will experience during this huge transition. I became obsessed with the food chapter - what a huge difference it will be - there will be no curdled mares milk at my house! I suppose I may have too much time on my hands. I have actually started studying again.
I have been too overworked at work to make time for studying.
My job can be pretty draining - just by virtue of the sheer number of hours I work. It is also emotionally draining to see some of the things I see everyday. Some days are more draining than others I suppose! I am off this weekend - my last weekend off until my vacation January 15th - really my last day off until January 15th. Back to the grind I suppose. My friends at work think I am completely insane for being a single mom in the first place - much less adopting another little pumpkin. I have not gotten any negative comments though. I have read on some other blogs - people getting rude comments or insensitive questions. I have only gotten an occasional you are insane for taking so much on. Every other comment from coworkers, friends, family is that they think it is great. I wonder if I have Angelina Joli to thank for that!

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