Saturday, December 30, 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Yes, I really like Battlestar Galactica. My daughter and I used to order pizza on Friday nights and watch "scary space shows". We would watch the stargates and then battlestar galactica. If something started to get scary, she would say "momma - cover my eyes" and I would cover up her eyes. I did that a lot - yes, I know a 2 year old shouldn't be watching a lot of the stuff that happens on the scifi channel but more often then not she would fall asleep sitting next to me on the couch. There was one episode where there was a little blond girl named Casey that Starbuck was told was her daughter. For some reason my daughter really grabbed on to that episode and that character. A couple of days later she told me that her little sister's name was Casey. It is not a glamourous or unusual name - but I like it. Whether my new daughter gets a new name or not will completely depend on her age, if she is older than 1 yo, I think she will keep her name. There is so much in a name, so much history and identity. Names and labels can be powerful. I somehow expect her to have a name that can become Casey as a nickname or KC. The universe can work in crazy ways. Randomly the guy that works at the UPS store I send all of my certified adoption mail from is named Kasey.
My next vacation starts on January 15 and there is an all day marathon of BSG from the fall season - I missed everysingle one of those episodes because it is on crazy late here so I am very excited to begin my vacation with a bunch of mindless tv!

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marbahlarbs said...

Ryan told me about you, and I think you're insane in an awesome way.

Also Battlestar Galactica kicks ass.


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