Sunday, December 31, 2006

Commonwealth Adoption International

This is my attempt to place a picture on this blog. I am having a heck of a time trying to print my adoption photo album. I put it together, but can't find a place to print the pages. You can see it at Flickr (one of my fave links). This is my daughter at the annual Commonwealth Adoption picnic in Tucson. We are doing our homestudy through them. I actually signed with them for an adoption from Guatemala at the beginning of November. I had been debating back and forth between Kyrgyzstan and Guatemala and decided to go with Guatemala because the travel time was so much shorter. After starting the process, they decided that the Guatemalan government might have a problem with all of my student loans (which are deferred), and advised that I stop the process. Adoption Alliance didn't think I would have that problem in Kyrgyzstan. In hindsight, I am so relieved because I know that my daughter is in Kyrgyzstan somewhere, I feel a much stronger draw to Kyrgyzstan than I felt to Guatemala. Literally 20 minutes after I talked to my caseworker about stopping the Guatemala process, the coordinator from Adoption Alliance called me see if I had any other questions about the program - 3 days later I sent them my application. Everyone at Commonwealth is really great though and their picnic was super fun. My daughter rode this little train about 100 times and she jumped on the moonwalk castle for hours!

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Tina said...


I just found you! Happy 2007 - the year we bring home our daughters. I look forward to hearing your story.


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