Friday, December 29, 2006

Overwhelming Backyard

I have to make my backyard look inviting and fun for my dossier pictures and I am at a loss! I am not really an backyard person right now. We currently have 3 dogs and the back yard is all their's! They really don't go out there all that much, but they certainly go out there more than I do. When I move to my new house I won't even have a fenced in back yard at first. Once we get it fenced in I am going to make it "an extension of our indoor living space" - thank you HGTV for the lingo! That doesn't help me much now. I suppose I should just get it over with and take the silly pictures and put it all together. I have to get everything done before I start surgical oncology.
It is exciting thinking about when I will get my referral - how old she will be, what her name is - will it be close to the name that my daughter is using to talk about her new sister? I am asking for a referral of a little girl less than 3 years old. My intention was to adopt a little girl around 2 years old so my daughters would be close to the same age. Flexibility is the mainstay of international adoption - so she could be as young as 6 months. I get the impression that there are more younger girls being referred than older and I am really starting to get used to the idea of a baby. I will be excited and happy either way...I am just anxiously awaiting that email with my referral. I am getting closer - but I need to go take that stupid picture of my backyard. I seriously doubt they will change their mind about my worthiness as a parent based on a toy free backyard so I am just going to go do it!

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