Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Paper Chase

Yes, Everyone calls it the paper chase. Where you frantically run around and try to put together an amalgam of notarized, certified papers from all over the US. Birth certificates, marriage licenses (from which I was spared), employment verifications, promises to educate, register and provide health care to you kids. It starts with a homestudy. Anyone who is facing the homestudy visit for the first time shakes in terror with the image of white gloves on the tops of refrigerators, and stern grey haired women judging your choice of dishware. Preparing for it was a nightmare. I just made the appointment and gave myself 5 days to get ready for it. Why give myself too long to anticipate and agonize over it? My social worker was so nice, a Kansas girl like myself. After the first (anxiety ridden) meeting I have really looked forward to all of our other meetings. What a great resource. She works with an agency in town (that I am not using for my actual adoption) and has done lots of international adoption homestudies although this is her first Kyrgyzstan adoption. My advice for the homestudy is to trust that your social worker will see you for the wonderfull person you are. Don't stress out and don't try to hide anything. If you feel any kind of antagonism from your social worker - get a new one FAST! I started my homestudy on November 2, but was not able to get my fingerprints done for my background check until November 28th or 29th. So now I am waiting for my stinking background check.
After getting the birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, financial statement (notarized), doctor's health form (and no I couldn't just do my own!), and 3 letters of reference, I am waiting for my background check. I signed with my agency on November 9th and filled out the primary application, then the formal application. Although they have cashed my big old ckeck, I am not officially a client until they get my home study. I did get my list of dossier requirements the third week of November, got organized and knocked almost all of them out before Christmas. I am waiting on my 2006 W-2's which I can print from the internet on January 8th. Hopefully my background check will be done by then! My goal is to walk into the AZ Secretary of State's Office on January 15th (the first day of my next vacation), get my dossier certified and mail that baby off. Another Kyrgyzstan blogger called that step the start of the 3rd trimester....I can't wait!
Advice for the Paper chase
1. Check out the assistant stork for a list of phone numbers of vital statistic offices
2. Get organized with lists, postits - I used large manilla envelopes with one for things to be notarized, things to be completed, and completed
3. Find a nice mobile notary with a commision expiration more than 18 months away
4. Remember to get at least 2 original copies of everything
5. It was way easier than I thought it was going to be - so don't stress out - you will get it all done!

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