Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why Kyrgyzstan?

Originally I had decided on Kazakhstan 6 years ago. Since then the rules have changed a little bit - you need to be in country either 40 days or 2 trips. You also have to travel blind for the most part and then find your child while you are there. The idea of walking into an orphanage and picking out a child scares me. I am not exactly sure why it does. That being said - the main reason is really the travel time necessary for completing an adoption there. In the back of my mind I still want to adopt from there and I may just do that in 5 or 6 more years when I am making real doctor money! I digress! As I was re-educating myself on international adoptions and Kazakhstan I came across the information on Kyrgyzstan - I think it might have been on the Frank Foundation website. It caught my interest so I used the almighty power of Google to research all of the agencies active in Kyrgyzstan. I am a one trip kind of girl, so that limited me to Christian World Adoption and Adoption Alliance. I chose Adoption Alliance because they had completed more adoptions in Kyrgyzstan and had experience with referrals whereas CWA had only done waiting child adoptions. I get the feeling that Adoption Options has completed the most Kyrgyzstan adoptions of all the agencies working there, but they are a 2 trip plan.
So a single 10 day - 2 week trip, a relatively short referral time (when I started the process it was 1 week to 2 months), and a super cute ethnic mix of turkish, mongol, Kazakh. Check out the adorable pictures on the golden road samarqand link! Once I decided on Kyrgyzstan, I told a friend at work and he has two good friends that were peace corp volunteers there. There is a lot of peace corp action in Kyrgyzstan! Sometimes it is a small world!

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