Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bon Voyage to le dossier

Yes......I finally mailed my dossier to the assistant stork for all of the Washington, DC rigamarole. It was a weird feeling to let go of this little thing I had been working on for so long. It is funny, the first informational meeting I went to at Commonwealth a woman who had adopted from Guatemala talked about spending July through September getting her dossier together - I though to myself "I think I can get it done much quicker than that"....well I couldn't! Kyrgyzstan's dossier was much simpler and more straight forward than Guatemala's! And there is no giant, invisible monster known as PGN. It is funny there are probably 3 items that in my dossier that I didn't have to redo at least once and I was really trying to be carefull. Once I had everything and had it all notarized - it became some irreplacable treasure. It is very difficult to let go of it....inside the fedexkinko's and wach it get tossed into a bag of envelopes - but it was very liberating to walk out the door and realize you have sent it off to bring you back a child.
The guy working at the fed ex counter was telling me about a friend of his in Phoenix that had recently adopted a sibling group from the Ukraine - they started with the intention of adopting 2 sisters and ended up bringing home a group of 5 sisters! Wow. Small world sometimes.

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