Thursday, January 4, 2007


I finally uploaded the santa claus picture. My daughter just sat right down and posed for the picture. She did, of course, ask for several presents after the picture. Then she asked if she could take more pictures. Santa Claus kept saying to me "she has star quality - she has 'it' - she will go to hollywood one day - you'll see". Her dad pointed out that Santa was, in fact, in the entertainment biz - so he should know. She does work a room. If there is something she wants to do she says "I have an idea...."then the idea, then "Is that a great idea?" She just looks up with those big blue eyes and it is hard to say that it is not a great idea.
I can't wait to go get my little pumpkin from New Orleans. She called the other day and asked how many more hours until I come pick her up. She is having fun though, I know she is. She is playing with all of the neighborhood 4 year old boys - I am confident her dad is keeping a close eye on her! I think he has decided that she can start dating at the age of 30.
Next year there will be another little pumpkin on the other side!

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