Sunday, January 28, 2007

An eventful week

I have a pretty eventfull week coming up....I am closing on my first house ever. I am pretty excited about it. Unfortunately, I have to do it long distance, so it kind of loses some of it's excitement. It would be nice if I could close and then pull up in a moving truck and start my life in Alabama. No I am going to have to sign a bunch of papers and fed ex them to the lawyer. I am going the following week to move all of my stuff out of storage in Shreveport, La into my house. My stuff has been in storage since Hurricane Katrina - I couldn't find any storage in New Orleans and my stuff ended up 400 miles away. A little inconvenient! I am still working out the logistics of the move into the house. It seems the universe likes me to stretch my complicated planning muscles on a pretty regular basis. It will keep me young at heart!
My dossier officially arrived in Washington, DC at the assistant stork on 1/25 - I had one trip to the state department (less than 15 items), so that may be done. Off to the Embassy early next week maybe. The official time at the Kyrgyzstan embassy is 2 weeks, but I heard it is not really taking that long. That would be nice - in the grand scheme of things one week isn't really going to make too big a difference! I love being able to check something online to monitor my process - the tracking website is great!

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