Saturday, January 20, 2007

Home again!

It is nice to be back in Tucson with my little pumpkin. She did awesome on the flight from New Orleans - her dad was sad to see her go, but she is soooo happy to be back in her "favorite bedroom". It is going to be tough on her when we move to Birmingham - her bedroom there is going to be half the size. I will have to make up for it with a super cool backyard! The entire trip I kept thinking about what it will be like to travel home from Kyrgyzstan with my brand new pumpkin....thinking about what age she might be. How scary will it be for a little 3 year old who barely knows me and can barely understand a word I say to be traveling half way around the world...the noises, the busy - ness. In some ways, I hope my referral is younger so I can carry her in a sling right next to me the whole way. I guess, I carried my 3 year old most of the way - so it is doable. My 3 year old is a super cuddle bunny though and with all of the worst case scenarios I have been reading about attachment disorders that may not be the case with a brand new 3 year old daughter from an institution. So many unknowns - part of the excitement, I suppose.
I am looking for agencies in Birmingham to do my post placement - drop me a post if any readers have used any agencies there!
Oh yeah - I got my little hats that I ordered from Hip and Little...they are just as cute in person....but seem kind of big! Can't wait to see whether I am going to need the toddler one of the infant one!

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OK.NOWwhat said...

Hi. Just came upon your blog as I was doing the "next blog" thing and am having some teary fun remembering our venture into the Wonderful World of Foreign Adoption. My "baby" is now 20 and a Junior in college, so it was great remembering all we went through and how it all turned out in the end. Good luck with your new little lovely and with your residency.

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