Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm not nervous.....right?

I should probably be a little more anxious than I am right now - read previous post! I should be nervous that my fingerprints might not be back next week, if they do come back - that my dossier might get lost on its way to Washington, if it makes it - that the Kyrgyzstan minister will change his mind and close it down completely. Somehow though, I feel relatively calm. I think that everything is going to work out. If the process doesn't work for me right now, I will wait to see if the country opens back up. It helps to know that this same situation happened in April and that it passed and families came home with their new kids (thanks Jenn for sharing your story!). I guess I have made the decision to stick with Kyrgyzstan even if any of the above mentioned things happen to stop my adoption dead in its tracks. I just can't imagine which country I would switch to.
The next month is a big month for me! I have a vacation in one week (I can't wait), I will be picking my daughter up from her dad's house that week, I am closing on my new house on Feb 1st. and I will find out if this adoption is going to go through. Wow, I have a lot on my plate. I think this post has managed to work me up into a nervous tizzy. How funny!
I know what my agency is doing with this setback - I am curious to see what other agencies are doing. Next week is a big week.

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