Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Orleans

New Orleans is just like I left it - wet. We got some delicious seafood yesterday and a super delicious king cake. It has been cold and rainy since I have been here. I think it has been cold and rainy/snowy everywhere this week! My daughter was so excited to see me....she jumped up and down and yelled mother, mother, mother. It is kind of weird to hear a 3 year old refer to her mom as mother....I think she got it from Bambi. She just cuddled up to me like she was a liittle baby. It was funny she literally fell asleep within minutes of cuddling up on my lap at the airport. It was a little early for her to go to sleep - but sweet. We spent yesterday afternoon rocking in a rocking chair and watching videos. I definitely feel like I was missed!
On the adoption front - Since I am moving to Birmingham in July, my current homestudy agency doesn't feel comfortable signing the post placement report. I think that is great - I should find an agency in Birmingham, but I wish they would have told me that like a month ago. I was planning on having everything in my hot little hands of certification on last tuesday. It is always something, I guess. There is really no rush at this point, because I'm waiting for the final ok from my coordinator who is going over my dossier right now.
It is exciting to hear the reports of everyone traveling right now. I am a little jealous - I must admit - but mostly I am excited that everything is moving forward and I am so excited to hear everyone's travel stories. I hope people feel comfortable enough to post a little bit about their impressions of the orphanages and kids and well everything! Pictures would be nice too, but I don't want to hope for too much!

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Go Saints...

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