Tuesday, January 2, 2007

No you can't do that

I am back to working ridiculously long hours. I started off the new year taking call which means 430am on january 1st to January 2nd usually around 10 am. I got out early today though at about 8am. Everytime I cover the trauma surgery service (like the last 30 hours), I come up with a list of things that I will never let my daughters do...sometimes it is a little ridiculous and I reconsider after I have gotten some sleep, but it is amazing the accidents that can happen to little kids. Sometimes it is amazing the things parents do with their little kids. Crazy things that I have seen include really an entire laundry list of trampoline injuries. Obvioulsy falling off can be bad, especially if you land on your head and as a 4 year old become paralyzed for the rest of your life. Also, just acting crazy and being a "bucking bronco" can evidently cause the blood vessels that run up the back of your neck to your brain to split and bleed. Not too mention the power of a dog bite...even a miniture dauchsand attack on a 2 year old. So I usually leave work with the idea that I could somehow wrap my daughters in bubblewrap and keep them safe from the world.
Then I sleep for 8 hours and wake up, take a deep breath and return to the reality that sometimes things happen to kids and I can't keep my kids safe from everything. However, they will never ride an ATV and will always have helmets on when they ride their bikes. Oh yeah, and even though I love my dog of 8 years and she is as gentle as a lamb - no child gets left alone with any dog ever in my house. Kids can push anyone's buttons - even a dogs!
Just a little look at my obsessive compulsive overprotective side!

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LaJoy Family said...

Hey Michelle! Love your blog, can't wait to continue reading it as you add to it. Don't let anyone mess with you, you can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it...others simply wouldn't take on what you have so they think you are crazy for it. Well, perhaps it is because they aren't willing to give as much of themselves and work as hard as you do. I am in awe of what you have in your life right now, knowing how hard any international adoption can be. Your pumpkin is beautiful, and your new one will be just as beautiful! Glad we are walking through this journey virtually together :-)

Cindy La Joy

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