Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A sigh of relief

So after terrifying me last week about adoptions going on hold at the end of January, my coordinator sent me a new email today saying there is not going to be a hold. I believe in the free flow of information so I had told several people what my coordinator had told me and am apparently responsible for a lot of unnecessary anxiety in our small adoption community. I know that nothing is a sure thing in international adoption, but I feel so much better. When I talked to my coordinator last week she was very "got to get things done" and I think she is more confident that there won't be any problems. They are trying to adjust some of the required paperwork in the dossier since now we have to have everything authenticated at the Kyrgyzstan Embassy for $50 a document (ouch!). So now that I actually have everything she wants me to keep it until they revamped their documents. That is ok...I feel less stressed about it. I think we are off the fast track vs derailment analogy and back onto the slow and steady track. I am nothing if not flexible!
Time to focus on my iminent home purchase. February first is the closing date on my first home purchase - which is exciting. I have been alternating between looking at cute pink baby clothes and fences for the back yard. Lots of shopping!

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tina said...

I know...it's such a big PHEW.....

A huge feeling of relief and happiness over here. I heard the same thing about the dossiers and mine is out of my hands so I just have to wait and see now. I'll be curious to see how it all goes down for the two of us since we are pretty close in the process.

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