Friday, January 5, 2007


So my coordinator called me today and left a message that said, rather ominously, I might add, that I needed to call her back as soon as possible. Always expecting the worse, I hesitantly called her back. Evidently there is a regime change. The current government is leaving on January 31st. So the referral process and possibly the entire process will go on hold at that time. The minister of whatever ministers international adoption has promised my agency that they will be able to do 3 more adoptions and I am .....number 2! Big sigh. However, that is based on my stinking DPS background check coming back before the end of next week. Let's hear it for hurry up and wait. I could have gotten that stinking thing started earlier too and I just didn't because I thought it would only take a month. There are 2 other things I am waiting on, but I know they will be done by monday. I will just go with the flow. The way my coordinator talked either my adoption is going to be streamlined onto the express track or it will derail. To top it off I am on call today - which actually may be a good thing because I will be so busy I won't have time to dwell. It is funny, I don't even have a referral or a face to put with my adoption, but I feel so committed to this country. I tried to google kyrgyzstan today to find out more info on the political happenings and can't find much - I didn't find much a couple of weeks ago when they had the earthquake either. I think I will go peruse some peace corp blogs!

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Tina said...

Hey...can you email me about this????? I haven't heard anything from my agency.

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