Monday, January 8, 2007


Yippee - my fingerprints are back and my homestudy is officially done. I will overnight that bad boy to USCIS and wait for my if only Tina would tell me what color it is! I am post call on Thursday, so I can hand deliver it to the Secretary of State's office for its certification and then off to the Asst. Stork in Washington, DC. Thank goodness I can have it certified in Tucson - driving to Phoenix post call would just be insane....I would have done it, but it would have been crazy!
It seems that no other agencies have been told about the temporary hold...I am beginning to think maybe I dreamed it. Except another adoption alliance family has talked to me regarding the hold - possibly a shared delusion. Today is a holiday in Kyrgyzstan so this drama will unfold later in the week. Just really excited to have this stuff rolling - Now that I will have my dossier on the way to Washington, DC by the end of the week - I could have a referral by the end of January. Wow...I guess I need to cool off and refrain from counting my referrals before they hatch.


Tina said...


It is white, BUT, it does come in your basic manilla envelope in that "government tan/brown" color, 8 1/2 x 11 in size. So, you pretty much know it the second you see it. No, it wasn't yellow or green.

Shannon said...

Hey Michelle - Congrats, that is great news! We are also an AA family and it seems like we are in nearly the same spot as you are! I do believe you are #1 on the list, though!

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