Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So I finally got the last piece of paperwork I need to be officially paper-ready. Now I just need a referral. I feel a bit relieved that it the same doesn't really affect anything. I am still just waiting for a little pumpkin to become available!
Today is my last day of being a mostly normal person....tomorrow I start working on the Trauma Surgery service at work. 100 hour work weeks and a blur of sleep deprivation. I have been looking at my call schedule to try to figure out which day I will be the absolutely most exhausted....that will be the day I get my referral! It looks like it will be Friday March 23. I will have been on for 11 days straight with 4 call nights. Yeah...that ought do it! As insane as it sounds, though, I really enjoy trauma - you are very busy and you see some really great pathology. I can't even believe how many people are shot and can just walk right out of the ED a couple of hours later. The only things I have a realy problem with are when kids come in and are seriously hurt. It breaks my heart. However, it is really amazing the kinds of injuries kids can recover from.
Hope to post news of a referral soon!

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