Friday, February 23, 2007

Another Saturday is upon me!

All of the things that happened in history on tomorrow's date. My favorites are the founding of NPR in 1970, AZ became a US territory in 1863, Abe Vigoda was born 1921, and my favorite Battlestar Galactica link - Edward James Olmos was born in 1947. There are not as many compelling reasons for my referral to happen tomorrow vs. last Saturday - but we shall see.
My daughter and I played hooky yesterday and went to the mall to play. We had some McDonalds, baked some chocolate chip cookies and did a lot of coloring. It was a really nice day.
My daughter is starting to ask more peristently about when we are going to fly over the ocean and get her sister. I may have started talking to her about it too soon, but I am really winging this whole thing anyway!

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