Wednesday, February 14, 2007

back at last

I am back to a computer....188 messages later I am up for air. My last big purchase (or any purchase) for 3 years - except of course all of the travel etc for my littlest pumpkin. While we were in Alabama, my daughter started trying to get toys by saying they were for her sister. "but mom, it is for my is a present and she said I could play with it until she got here". That one knows how to work a room! This is the picture of my new washing machine with the matching dryer of course! I tried to buy the cheapest washer and dryer....but this one matches my other appliances and it is soooo cool. I am saving the environment too! I wonder where my daughter gets that excuse and manipulating to shop gene?? It couldn't possibly be me! We left Alabama at 6 am (home at 430 am) and I am on call tonight at the beautiful VA medical center - I am hoping for a long luxurious nap tomorrow. I missed a lively discussion on the yahoo forum about RAD - I am looking forward to some down time tonight to read through those posts. I talked to my adoption coordinator over the weekend - she called me and whenever I see her name pop up on caller id - I go through a tremendous range of emotions....could this be a referral...could it be Kyrgyzstan closing to adoptions? It is a weird feeling to have both sick to stomach fear and butterflies of hope and excitement at the same time!

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