Saturday, February 3, 2007

Bad news!

OK - I will not look as cool and rock and roll dragging a baby across 13 time zones, but I really like this sling. has a million slings to choose from. I took time to look at slings a while back....but since I didn't know and still don't know the age of my referral I was able to say no to the pull of internet shopping. Today I found out this stretchy, cute little sling can be used for toddlers up to 35 pounds....I am thinking there is no way an institutionalized 3 year old is going to weigh more than 35 pounds. Somehow I am finding the strength to resist though for how long I don't know! The bad news is I am not sure how much longer I can hold out!
Yes, Kyrgyzstan is 13 hours ahead of me, the nearest I can tell - so now I can somehow figure that into my obsessive email and phone mail checking schedule.

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