Friday, February 16, 2007

February 17

So I have decided that my referral will come on a Saturday....So now I can obsess only on Saturdays about it. However, today I googled February 17 to see if tomorrow holds any special significance. In my world - if it does hold special significance maybe my referral will come tomorrow. Now I am really letting you into my weird world - this is what waiting for a referral does to a normally sane woman! In case y'all didn't know, Wikipedia actually has a section of dates and things that happened on each day. If you want to take a peak at 2/17 ( Some of the highlights - Swan Lake is first performed in full length in St Petersburg, Pope Pius XII declares St Clare of Assisi the patron saint of Television (EWTN was founded by a Mother Angelica a Poor Clare - which is located in Birmingham), and of course it is national random acts of kindness day. I really like the patron saint of television thing though...In 24 hours I will know if tomorrow is my day. Maybe if it is I will incorporate Clare into my new daughter's will probably work better than Swan. Did I mention that Swan Lake has been my cell phone ringer since September?

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