Sunday, February 4, 2007

The flood gates have opened!

My horoscope today might have said "hide your credit card". I went to the mall today with my daughter and did very good - I didn't buy a thing. Then we came home and she laid down for her nap and the buying frenzy began. First I started by just looking at babies r us - I thought I would start a little registry - I don't know her age, but I thought there were probably a couple of things I could put in there....just to get a little taste of shopping without actually buying anything. It was a slippery slope I tell you...and I slid right one teething photo album, one pink sherpa boots and hat, one hotsling, and one twinklebaby bonding doll later....I think I have myself under control. Oh the shopping horror! I wanted to post a picture of the cute little sherpa boots and hat set, but I couldn't steal their picure so I posted a shirt I found from instead. One for my daughter and a chocolate long sleeve one for me. I also bought a gift off of a registry for a woman I know who is adopting with Adoption Alliance and got her referral last week - that is so awesome! I need to just cool off ...there is steam rising from my credit card right now!


Shannon said...

Tell me you didn't!! You are toooo sweet! I hear ya about the shopping frenzy - I spent 2 full days this weekend at Babies R Us - 1 day with my aunt and mom and 1 day with my husband! I wonder if they have a support group for people (addicts) like us?!

Tina said...

The shame of it all - contributing to the deliquency of a shopping addict. I contributed with the twinkle baby thing, didn't I? It IS totally necessary though. We NEED these things. The babies need them. I hope you had fun!

Tina said...

LMAO!! I checked your registry and we both have chosen the bouncy zebra thingy!!

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