Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saturday is coming

Although I am trying not to obsess about waiting on my is much easier said that done! When I started this process in November (a mere 4 months ago!) I started posting on the yahoo forum. Now everyone who was posting that month either disappeared from the forum or has a referral! Or maybe they are waiting to start the process. I know there is another family adopting through my agency that is still waiting for their referral - they are ahead of me on "the list" - but I don't really interact with them much. Every time I try calling to talk to her, my daughter causes such a commotion I can't talk on the phone and I don't have her email. It is probably good because if I know the exact day she gets her referral I might have a meltdown - although I am sure it will be on a Saturday!
I know that my referral will come from one specific orphanage and I wonder if there are little girls there that are on their way to becoming available for adoption or if I am waiting for a little girl to arrive at the baby house. The last time I talked to my coordinator she said "It shouldn't be too much longer". Of course, now I am obsessing - did she say that because she knows of a little girl that will soon be my referral or was she just being optimistic and polite. Lucky for her I am not obsessing enough to write her an email for clarification, at least not yet!
4 months doesn't seem that long. I know adoptions from China are taking much much longer than this. Even if it takes 6 months to get a referral - that is still a relatively short just seems like forever. There are plans to be made and shopping to be done!
Lucky for me (depending on how you look at it) I will be on Trauma Surgery for the entire month of March - which means 100- 120 hour work weeks. Trauma is exciting - you see a lot of interesting things but it is physically and emotionally draining - I won't have enough energy to obsess. I will probably get "the call" while I am knee deep or elbow deep in a trauma (literally) and I won't even be able to answer it!

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