Saturday, February 24, 2007

Single Mom

So I am a single mom. I was married for 8 years...but even when I was a kid I used to see myself as a single mom. I never expected to get married, I am not sure why that is. Most of my friends and my family were surprised when I did get married. I should have known not to marry a man who was pissed off that I was not changing my last name. I guess that should have been the very first warning sign that my marriage was not going to be between 2 people that looked at the world though the same lens!
Now I am adopting a new little girl and while it is liberating somewhat to be expanding my family alone - noone to argue about the name with (except a 3 year old!), noone to argue about travel arrangements or hotels with! At the same time I wish there was someone to talk with and discuss and get excited about those things with. Everything was a battle with my exhusband, so I don't miss our marraige - but I do sometimes yearn for ...let face it....the marriage of Mr and Mrs. Hart on Hart to Hart!
Sometimes I also yearn for a babysitter!

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