Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Surgery Resident

It seems to me that I haven't really talked that much about my job - which is amazing because I spend so much of my time at work. I am really glad that I am doing a year of surgery. I am especially glad that it is at a trauma center. Although you work super hard on the truama service, it is really interesting. I do not have the heart of a surgeon, I am kind of a shy stand in the corner type gal in a code, but on the trauma service I am assigned a job and jump in and do it. When I am on a surgical service I usually arrive at the hospital to see my patients around 430. I always feel a little bad waking them up from what is assuredly a restless night's sleep, but I have to get my notes done! On trauma we had sit down rounds with our cheif as the night cheif signed out to the day cheif...then we would either have sit down rounds or walk with our attneding depending on the attending. Each attending has his/her own idiosyncracies and just figuring out what those are can be exhausting!
I would like to add that it is nothing like Grey's Anatomy. First of all, there is no seeing the sun - I arrive before it comes up and occasionally I see it when I leave (if I am post-call). As far as I can tell there is no hanky-panky going on in our call rooms and I would definitely hear it! There is tube system in our hospital that I swear runs in the walls of all of our little bedrooms! Of course, I am a little older that most of the other resident and have other priorities. Maybe if I went out and drank and acted like a 26 year old I would know about the hanky panky that goes on around the hospital.
I was very nervous about doing a year of surgery - but I have been pleasantly surprised. Strangely, I highly recommend it - especially at U of Arizona.

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