Friday, February 2, 2007

tic, toc, tic, toc

Ahhhh the international sound of interminable waiting! I don't even have an excuse to be so impatient - my dossier is still sitting in the Kyrgyzstan Embassy. I shouldn't be like this until the dossier gets to Kyrgyzstan at the very soonest! I suppose since I am awake sometimes 24 hours of a day - one week to me is like 2 weeks to a person with a normal life! However, I am usually very, very busy at work (or I would be sleeping!) and that might take some of the waiting edge off.
I am working at the VA right now which has it's pros and cons for sure. My rotation right now is not surgical, so I don't have any patients to round on in the morning so I am strictly 7am arrival (versus 430am) and I usually leave in the morning around 10am. To go from a 12-14 hour day to a 3 hour day RULES! I am taking call over here for the surgical services every 4th night or so and that can be torturous. On surgery call over here - you are all by yourself - so it is very lonely and there is no cafeteria after 500 - ish so I am hungry too. Maybe this month will make up for the 5 lbs I gained last month. I like to tell myself it is because I am in my adoption second trimester!
My house closing went smoothly, all of my utilities are on and waiting for me. If only I could get there quicker!

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LaJoy Family said...

Here's Waiting With You Kid! hahahaha! Michelle, we are at the same stage as you are, although we have our referral as you know...but our paperwork is probably sitting in a stack with yours!! All is good though, just BACK AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER>>>PLEASE, MA'AM! No internet shopping yet! And YES a sling or front pack is the way to go :-) Cindy La Joy

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