Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What to write about?

Now that I am completely and totally just waiting for a referral....there is really not much to write about on the adoption front. It is very hard to just wait. Some other people I know are waiting also and it is hard. I find myself trying to do things to keep my mind occupied and I work like 80 hours a week and have a 3 year old to boot. How occupied does one mind need to be! I already shopped and can't do any more of that or I won't be able to afford to go to Kyrgyzstan. I have already memorized every internet web page on Kyrgyzstan - I am working on my Russian religiously. I have started randomly saying Russian phrases to myself that I don't really remember what they mean. I have real, concrete things on my to do list - but it becomes difficult to get them done....although it has always been difficult to make myself clean the house - that is nothing new! I am not looking at travel info yet because then I won't have anything to obsess with after I get my referral. I think that the waiting is the most difficult part of my adoption. Before I started, I thought that the home study would be the most difficult part - a stranger coming into your life and deciding if you are a good enough person to be a parent. Of course, anyone who has been through a homestudy knows that the homestudy isn't really like that at all! At least if you have the right social worker!

I am going to obsess on my other daughter's life for awhile. I need to send in some paperwork for her admissions file at a school in Birmingham. She had her admissions interview and testing while we were there last week. My little pumpkin tested so early. She is 3.5 yo and tested mostly at a 5 year old level....I am very proud of her. The other applicants for her class are all older and the average test score in each area was about one month higher than she scored. The best part about the day of her testing was when we were leaving. She was very, very well behaved the entire time we were there and then as we were saying goodbye to the admissions director my daughter threw herself on the ground, grabbed the directors feet and screamed "I want some candy". I am totally serious.


tina said...

You're next...I PROMISE!!!


Shannon said...

I agree with T - you ARE NEXT!! Hang in there!

Too cute what Lilianna did after the testing!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys - I am still number 2. This saturday is my day!!

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