Saturday, March 24, 2007

And.......I'm still waiting!

Well...Wednesday came and went without any word of translated medicals. My coordinator says it could take weeks to get them translated. I don't know what to believe - but I am sure that is a pretty normal for international adoption. I just wonder if anything has happened to the little boy she told me about. I guess I can't really believe or count on anything until the entire process is I need to stop shopping! I bought the cutest little hat though!

I feel like I am getting close to my new little boy. Yesterday there were a lot of little baby boys at the hospital - it got me thinking about him. I am so excited is hard to be patient and just wait for the medicals especially since I know that my coordinator already has a picture of him....she is just waiting to share until she gets the medicals translated. I have faith that I will get there eventually....unless all of the harrassing of my poor coordinator drives her to firing me!

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