Saturday, March 17, 2007

Extra specially hard waiting

So I recieved a call from my coordinator and told that there are medicals on the way for a 3 month old boy. The call came on a wednesday - no it was not on a Saturday, but it was on my Mom's birthday! I don't know anything yet except age and I just can't let myself get too excited until I have the medical and the little picture in my hot little hands....but WOW 3 months is sooooo young. I am on call - so I am super busy and I am all worked up over waiting for his medical information. So I am a giant ball of stress just waiting for an excuse to explode or implode - it is an ugly sight. I got the call a few days ago - but I haven't really said anything until now. I was going to wait until I got the official referral. But I am seriously close to a boiling point. I thought maybe if I took a couple of minutes to ruminate - I would feel a little more relaxed the rest of the day. I spent the first afternoon after I got that call - adding baby clothes onto my online baby registry! The second day I spent picking out travelling clothes and blankets. Thank goodness for online shopping! How many times have I said THAT to myself. Anything can change on a minutes notice in international adoption - but I am very hopeful. Maybe if I buy something I will feel better....mmmmm....I think it is worth a try! I am going to go for the cute sleepsack with matching beanie! Even though I am bursting with some kind of nervous energy - I feel remarkably calm about it. I think I will competely freak out when I have a picture.
I hope I don't have to wait too long for his picture and medical. When I get that info - is the day I will officially count as my referral day!

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