Monday, March 26, 2007

felt bird

This is my daughter (in her very messy room) singing to her new felt bird! She carried the bird around on her arm for like 20 minutes hanging it on different places trying to find the perfect place to keep it. It finally ended up the door knob to her little stage 2 playhouse! She spends a lot of energy making up songs and she is singing one here about a birdy being happy and being her best friend and best friends with the sun.
If anyone fromthe Kyrgyzstan minister of education is looking at this picture - I promise my house is usually much cleaner!
This little bird was sent by a little birdy who has recently returned from KG after meeting her new daughter for the first time! This is a great gift and we love it! I am hoping to be able to gather up some felt nick nacks of my own soon!
Work was brutal last night and I am looking forward with being done being a surgeon. I ran into a premed in the cafeteria last night after having a particularaly brutal day. He said to me "you are a surgery resident?". I said "I am a surgery intern right now"....he said "sweeeeeeeet" like some kind of bill and ted's excellent adventure parody. Oh how Grey's Anatomy has twisted the minds of poor impressionable children! Sweeeeeeet is being able to work a 40 hour work week and spend every weekend and dinner time with your beautiful children....I can't wait for July!

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