Monday, March 12, 2007

It is official

Today I officially changed my referral request from a girl to a girl or boy under the age of 3. Of course, I would love a son as much as a daughter - I think I got wrapped up in the fun dressing up aspect of having another daughter. I think I was also a little worried that as a single mom - maybe I wouldn't be able to raise a son. Let's face it - I don't know much about potty training a boy! Although I have seen the little flushable boats you can put in the toilet. Part of the reason I decided to make the switch may be because I am not very good at waiting! I know that I want sons - I was just going to wait on the boys because I have so many girl clothes already.
I was a little worried that my daughter would have a hard time getting used to the idea of a brother - she has had a pretty concrete conception of a little sister. When I talked about it with her last night though - she was really excited and said that she wanted a little brother.
By changing my request to either a boy or a girl - I am pretty much asking for a boy because there are lots more boys than girls in Kyrgyzstan. I was a little anxious today about making this decision - but I feel really good about it now. I am really excited about having a little pumpkin in a cute blue mouse hat!


LaJoy Family said...

YEA!!!! Michelle I am so happy to hear you are open to a boy. Girl or boy you will be totally blessed, I just know it. There are SO many boys available and if people only knew how lovable, huggable, and fun they are they would line up in droves! Not to mention the lack of hormonal yell-fests when they are teenagers :-) I hope you hear about a referral very soon, even if it is a girl! I'll admit, I am biased..hahahaha! Cindy

Michelle said...

Thanks Cindy
I knew you would definitely approve! I can't tell you how many times I have heard mom's of boys talk about how much easier boys are! I guess I will probably see for myself now.

tina said...

YAY!!! Come on's referral time!!! Time to buy MORE hats! Plus, I have been seeing the more adorable sweetie-pie boys here. Shall I pick one out for you?????!!!!

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