Sunday, March 11, 2007

So long Weekend!

My daughter is more interested in making people laugh than trying to look pretty...I would like to think she gets that from me! Today is my last day off until March 24th! I was half hoping to hear something this weekend - but I am not feeling like it is time yet. I am fully hoping to hear something not next week - but the week after that (between the 17th and the 24th). That is when I will be at my most exhausted and will have the least amount of time to get anything done.

Until then my days will be filled with gun shot wounds, car crashes and idiots who let their kids ride on ATV's asking me when their child will be back to normal. It gets tough not to be just a tad judgemental when you see the same injuries day in and day out. I heard a piece on NPR in July or August about interns and residents and it was right on the money. You spend you intern year just trying to keep your head above water - there is sooooo much work it becomes very, very difficult to prioritize bed side manner. I think I am managing to keep my humanity in my interpersonal interactions with patients - but it takes a lot more effort than I thought it would. This is especially true on trauma.

Here's hoping for a good week with lots of good news! My mom's birthday is on the 15th - maybe that will be my lucky day!

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