Friday, March 9, 2007

SOOOO Neglected!

I have not really had anything to obsess on for the last week. I am working on Trauma Surgery and it is VERY time intensive! It is hard work - not only the sheer volume of the patients that are on the service and the volume of patients that come through the hospital as trauma - but the emotional wear and tear on seeing the car accident, motorcycle accident, ATV accident peeps. It can be very intellectually interesting - but emotionally draining. I am so tired when I come home that my daughter doesn't get the quality time she deserves - or the quantity either. There are only 20 more days left - I know we can make it. I suppose the emotional draining part has left me without the energy to obsess about my referral.
However, tomorrow is Saturday and I am somewhat hopefull that this upcoming week will bring me a referral. I have my eye on a couple of cute hats! Hopefully I will have time today to look up the significance of March 10 in history!

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Tina said...

Buy those hats! They think I'm a bad mother because Zannie doesn't wear two hats....I can see it in their eyes.
I've been wondering how you're doing and if you're totally exhausted. I wish I could go to the orphanage and figure out your referral for you. HUGS!

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