Monday, March 19, 2007

Still waiting

I am still waiting for my official referral - but now that I know age and gender....I can do some serious shopping...ok I am not really doing that much shopping but I could if I wanted to. Mostly I am pretending to shop and adding an enormous and really a ridiculous amount of things to wish lists all over the internet!
The soonest my coordinator might get the translated medicals is Wednesday - so I have at least 2 more days! My prediction for my referral was this Friday - because it will be the day I am most may come to pass.
My coordinator did send me a list of all of the paperwork I will need to bring with me when I travel to pick up my little guy. I have stopped working on my "russian for adopting parents" and moved to the straight up living language Russian. Now that I know how totally young my son will be - it seems better to focus on learning enough Russian to try to get around. There are lots of form to fill out before my trip. I am hoping that things move quickly so that I can travel about the same time as some other families that I know. Of course everyone wants their adoptions to go quickly though - that kind of goes without saying!
My daughter and I have been working on names for her little brother and I think we have a pretty good one! I am going to wait to see what his given name is and if it was given to him by his birth mother.
With a referral so young - he wasn't even born when I started the process. It makes me feel a little sad. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter and the crazy hopes and thoughts I had about her and what she would be like and thinking about her growing up. I am sure his birth mom had those same feelings even as she was probably struggling with big decisions.


LaJoy Family said...

Michelle, I am hoping for the best with your medical report...and waiting right along with you. Hang in there!!! The moment is almost here!


Michelle said...

I know...I know! It is so exciting that so many of us are getting referrals and/or getting ready to bring kids home! The family ahead of me on the list got their referral today - so I am bursting with anticipation!

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