Thursday, April 12, 2007

It IS a small world

So Kyrgyzstan is going to a 2 trip process for all! The process for me and my agency is still a little unclear. Our in country coordinator is talking to "the man" on Friday and I should know what hoops I will be jumping through by Monday! I have had a very trying couple of days. I found out about the change to 2 trips 2 nights ago and have been worrying and obsessing about how I was going to find the time off of work, and someone to watch my daughter. I was so emotionally exhausted this morning I started considering withdrawing from Kyrgyzstan and considering Uzbekistan - I even joined the Uzbekistan yahoo forum and called some agencies for information. When I say I was seriously considering it...I mean it.
Then, I got Zeb's medical which is remarkable in it's complete healthiness. I noticed that he had been in the baby house since February 2006 - so I emailed Amira (of golden road to samargand fame!) to see if she knew him. I got the most wonderfull emails full of information about him and after more than a few tears - I was filled with rejuvenated energy to make this work. There is a picture of a one year old blond, blue-eyed little boy on her website in the babyhouse category who is sticking out his tongue...all I am saying is ...isn't he supercute?


Amira said...

I just wish I had taken more pictures of him. I would have had more if he had gotten to the baby house before the chicken pox epidemic!

He really is a cute little boy.

tina said...

He's beyond cute. Zannie said, "Who's that little cutie?"

I'm crossing my fingers that some exceptions get made since you are so far down the road and have your referral. Sometimes The Man listens.

lara said...

He is super cute!!

Jackie said...

You've come so far. I know that two trips will be rough (I will be doing it) - especially since you've been mentally gearing for just one trip. You're almost there, though, and Zeb is a QT. Here's hoping you hear good news from The Man.

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