Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I talked to my coordinator today and she starts off the conversation asking if I was home by myself. That can never be a good way to start off a conversation - right?

She tells me that yesterday the 2 year old that has been in the babyhouse for 14 months was picked up by his mother. She just showed up and took him home. Now I am sure you are wondering how I reacted....I must say my reaction was strange. I was sooooo relieved that she came to get him. Can you imagine if she had tried to come find him and take him home after I had adopted him and brought him to the US. She never would have found him. I was planning on leaving a letter with contact information in case she ever came looking for him. How wonderfull that he is with him mother and 3 siblings. When Karen first called me with the consult, my first question was what if she comes back for him. I had read that many times kids adopted internationally wonder if is was a mistake is there birth mom looking for them and can't find them. The thought of that happening is heartbreaking.

So that little cutie on the golden road to samargand is now with his mom and 3 siblings. That little 5 month old is still patiently waiting for me to choose him and come get him. Now if I could figure out this whole travel thing and now there is word of an additional legalization process that I am not sure I have on my dossier this could take a lot longer than I had initially thought. The 5 month old may be a toddler by the time I can get him home!

Isn't life funny.


lara said...

Oh wow im so glad he is home with his mum and siblings now and his mum isnt left looking for him for the rest of her life how tragic would that be. hoping everything works out for you and the little 5 month old.

Amira said...

I am so glad! I hope things turn out well for him. I'm not too surprised, since I saw several babies taken home by their mothers when they were a little older and easier to care for (and probably when their mothers were a little more stable), and this little boy clearly had a family.

Amira said...

Actually, I'm always surprised at how often this happens to people who are adopting from Kyrgyzstan. We knew one couple who had spent months trying to adopt a little boy, only to have his mother come take him home when they had almost completed the process. I don't know why agencies pursue adoptions of children who are still in their mothers' custody when there are a number of abandoned children.

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