Saturday, April 21, 2007

Travel dates!

Yeah! I have my first set of travel dates! I am leaving May 12 - arriving May 14 at 515am. Staying for 3 days and leaving 845am on May about a short trip. It seems crazy to literally travel half way around the world for 3 days....but it is so much better for me that it is a short trip. Now if the second trip can be short too - i am so in luck!
I am travelling on British Airways. It is about $500 more than the cheapest Aeroflot flight - but there is no layover in Moscow. In fact there is a stop in london and then a quick stop with no plane change in Tblisi. I get meals, a little tv and free drinks. The free drinks thing is not a big deal since I don't drink - but it is the prniciple of the matter! The flight home I have an overnight layover in Philadelphia...c'est la vie! I will get home on Saturday and have an entire day to recover.
My daughter is going to stay with her dad for 2 weeks - so I will have lots of sleeping time when I get back (outside of work!).
I feel so lucky that another famly with my agency is travelling at the exact same time as me for their first trip. our kids are about the same age at the same baby house. We are taking different flights because I have to drop my daughter off in Dallas, but we will be arriving the same day (5 minutes apart) and will be staying in the same hotel. Additionally, another one of my friends is travelling for her gotcha trip at the same time! I am so excited to meet her face to face and look at all of the great clothes she bought at! Seriously, I am very excited to hang out with her and meet her beautiful new daughter. I think she is coming into town the same day - she is staying at the fancy hyatt though so I am totally crashing her amenities!

It is so exciting to have something concrete like a credit card bill for $2100 representing my first trip to meet my son. I also had to send my country fee to my agency on Friday. I almost hyperventilated as I wrote a check for $11,500 for my cashiers check. Seriously. I know there are people that this is not a lot....I hope to be one of those people one day....but yesterday I was one of those people who hyperventilate when they write a check for $11,500. I am glad I didn't have to carry it in $100 bills....i would have been hyperventilating the entire trip!

Also exciting news is that one of my friends is on her way - right now as I write - to bishkek to get her son. There is so much going on around me and now I actually feel like there is something going on with me! Yeah....I have had a very rollercoaster-y week!


lara said...

A big congratulations on your short trip how very exciting for you.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Congrats on the travel dates, that makes everything so real!

LaJoy Family said...

Now I am feeling VERY left out!! I want someone to be traveling when we go!!! Hope you all have a splendid time together :-)

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