Saturday, April 14, 2007

twinkle baby

This is the little bonding doll I have been trying to stink up for the last week! One of my friends is heading to pick up her son next weekend and is kind enough to take a couple of things for Zebastian - such as this doll and a little photo album of me and my daughter. Since his medical does not have any kind of size info - I am hoping that she will be able to eyeball him for sizes too. Although, now that I have to do 2 trips...I will see him first hand before I get to bring him home....yippee...2 - 3 extra months of my son living in an orphanage. Still, I am super glad that the country is still open - especially with the closing of Russia this week. I really am starting to bounce back to optimism. I have no idea how the 2 trips are going to be packaged...if it is 2 weeks each trip....well that could pose a real problem for me. Of course I will find a way to do it. If it could be one week each time...well that actually would be better for me that one 2 week trip. My daughter now wants a pink twinkle baby so this one will have a sister. I have to primp now to take some pictures for my little sassy teething photo album for Zebby.


Shannon said...

It's sooo cute! Can't wait to see your album, too. Zeb is one lucky boy!

tina said...

More pictures!! How fun! Shanny is awesome to bring all of that over for you. Yay Shanny!

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