Sunday, April 1, 2007

When it rains it pours...

I talked to Dr. Chambers at UAB International Adoption Clinic on Friday night. She has some of the same concerns I did. There was a short 5 sentence paragraph that seemed to be describing assymetrical weakness - that along with the weird twisty-turny picture was a little concerning to Dr Chambers...she didn't feel like she could really stratify this little guy into a risk category. So I asked my coordinator to try to get recent measurements and a new picture of him in a neutral position. I also wanted her to ask the coordinator in country if he seemed to move like other babies - symmetrically with spasticity...that kind of thing. Anyway, he really is super cute.
The pouring part....before I got the consult with Dr. Chambers, my coordinator called to say that there was another little boy who will be 2 in May that just became eligible for adoption - was I interested in seeing him as well. If you have read earlier entries - you will know that I initially went into the process hoping for a toddler. So I am very excited about seeing his medical info and his picture. I have done a lot of reading in the past about toddler adoption and some of the unique issues that accompany it - but I kind of flushed all that out of my brain when it seemed unlikely that I would get a toddler referral. Now I am frantically trying to relocate that info and get more on toddler adoptions. As soon as I get the medical and picture of this new little guy, I will have Dr Chambers look at it - then it looks like I will have a serious decision to make.
I would greatly appreciate any online resources any of you might have out there on toddler adoptions!

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LaJoy Family said...

Any word on your toddler referral yet???? I am so curious!


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