Thursday, May 31, 2007

August 6th

So it is official in a confirm-when-we-are-closer-to-the-date kind of way...I am 67 days away from picking up Zebastian. Monday, August 6th! It seems sooooo far away! I am certainly jealous of my friends who went to court on the same day as me and get to travel 30 days sooner - but at least I am going to get the opportunity to actually travel and pick him up. I can actually travel because my agency is pulling some strings to get Zebs visa before I get there. I will be able to pick him up on Monday and head out to Almaty that very same day. If I couldn't fit the entire trip into one week, I was going to have to get an escort. Which is a great option for some people - but I really wanted to be there for when he left the orphanage and I really wanted to travel with him. I never though I would say that about a 30+hour trip with an 7 month old ...but it is true. I am going to have to start a countdown on my blog somewhere.
Tomorrow, I start my super cush-y private hospital rotation to finish up my year of surgery. It is hard to believe that I have almost made it through this year of surgery. I will officially have been a doctor for an entire year in 6 days. I remember how completely scared I was my first day of work last year. My first day of being a doctor, on Trauma surgery - writing my first script ever...lets hear it for 2-4mg of Morphine IV q 2hr prn pain! I have had a crazy year!

older woman

I nearly had a heart attack today. I was watching something random on tv at work and they were talking about "cougars" which is a euphemism for may - december romances where the woman is december and the man is may. The narrator said...."Older women, over the age of 35, and younger men". OMG...when did I become an older woman. Hyperventilating....or maybe it is just some dyspnea on exertion, CHF, etc. It is one thing if they said it like a comparison...the woman is older than the man....but they didn't - it was said like older as in not young and fresh as a daisy. I'm not ready!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not Much Happening!

Still Waiting for my daughter to come back from her Dad's house. I know she is having a great time and I am really glad she is able to spend a couple of weeks at a time there - but boy do I miss her. I bet she has grown a lot in the last 3 weeks! She comes home in less than a week - hurray! I am so excited for her to come home - hope she remembers me! Haha.

I am on call tonight at the VA and then on the first I start a super cushy rotation at a private hospital in Tucson. I have 6 calls next month - unfortunately I am on at least one day of every weekend this month so I don't get a weekend off all month! The good thing is that it is home call which means I don't have to be physically present at the hospital for the entire 24 hours - i have to round and I have to come in if there is a consult or an emergency of some sort. I have heard from other people that it is a pretty nice month. Plus, my last day is a post call Sunday.
I actually did this particular surgery rotation as a medical student and it was pretty nice. I had a great intern though...he was a super cute, laid back, blond, outdoorsy guy from McGill who was going into Radiology. Can't remember his name - but he was a total babe. So needless to say, I am hoping to spend lots of time with my daughter this month. We have to start packing - we already have a full house of toys in Alabama and at least another full house of toys here...It is going to be a real challenge to try to whittle my daughter's stuff down to a manageable amount!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I couldn't resist more pictures

I love the second picture because of his expression. I think his feet end about 5 inches before the little footies! I can't believe I am so close to being finished with this entire process. Yeah!


I just talked to my coordinator and my adoption was finalized in Bishkek last night around 8pm! Hurray! I added a new link over on my faves page to some of the other pictures I took in Bishkek. My agency sent me travel dates for July 16 - July 20th.....but my new job starts July first and noone is allowed to take vacation in July! So it looks like I will have to wait until August. I am going to call UAB and see if they might make an exception for me....but I don't like trying to get exceptions for things - it is not in my nature!
YEAH! I am soooooo close now!

Hugs for Zebastian

Just got back from Cindy's blog....what a great, great, great (did I say great?) couple of entries from her trip to Bishkek to get her son. In addition to the invaluable insight into the experience of adopting an older child, she gave my little Z a great big hug! I just can't wait for her next entry! Of course, I will have to since it is like 1am there!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waiting again.

I am so glad to see that Tina is safe with a little girl in her arms! She is going to owe us all some pictures and stories when she has time in the next couple of months!
I heard from the family that is adopting the little girl I wrote about in previous posts. I am so happy that she is going to have a family. I guess I am off the hook for winning the lottery. I did buy a lottery ticket today - but I am on call and can't check the numbers until I get home....maybe I am a millionaire right now .....if so ZUTANO'S for everyone!
Today is Thursday - and the way I undersand it....adoption petitions get issued on Thursdays. So I am crossing my fingers that today is my day. Once I hear the adoption is official - I will be able to breathe at least a half of a sigh of relief.

I have planned out my big move to alabama - which will get me to Birmingham around the 26th of June and give me a couple of days to try to get settled before I have to start work. I spent a lot of time working on a decorating plan for my new house and researching shrubbery that will grow in zone 7. My front and back yard are huge with no landscaping at all or a fence or anything. I am way over my head in terms of lawncare! I am trying to plan some kind of fence/hedge thing. So instead of studying for my new job - I am writing down how to plan my hedge. I am sooooo easily distracted.
If my adoption becomes final today - I am posting my favorite Zebastian picture!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Calling Tina!

So Tina is officially MIA! Maybe she is with Mala's Dossier! I am sure she is having a great time cuddling her new little pumpkin!

I talked to me coordinator this morning and the full escort is off. Now I am going to meet Zeb and the incountry coordinater in Almaty and take him through the immigration stuff and bring him home all by myself. I really like that idea better. It would have been weird to have a stranger travelling with my son. As hard as it probably is to travel 30 hours with 7 month old, I am looking forward to it and the time to just cuddle. And of course to use the super cute slings I bought already! One of them is pink, but I will dress Zeb very baby macho so he doesn't get a complex! Shaving off the Bishekek part of trip 2 will keep my trip to less than a week. That will be work for me! Now it is just a matter of waiting for court and hoping rules don't change again!


Too stressed out

So I can't figure out if I am jet lagged or just super stressed out. I think it is probably the stress. I don't think that jet lag has anything on the crazy post-call, on call sleep deprivation of a surgery residency. So I am going to make a list for the world to see of each and every anxiety producing topic. Maybe if I can name them all, I can conquer them and get some sleep....or at least stop obsessing about them and get some sleep!

So i started to write them out....but then I started to hyperventilate and really i think i like repression and avoidance better....I am going to stick with that for a while! Besides I sounded really whiney! I think I will try exercise and repression/avoidance.

I would really love to post some definite information about the escort process from Kyrgyzstan since that is currently the official plan for Zeb's trip home - but i don't really know what is going on or what has to go on. I am just going to keep my fingers crossed that I make it to court this week and can start working on something concrete like getting the I600 filed and some plans made.

I do have a date on Sunday....I know like I need to add to my stress with a date. Additionally, I totally don't have any shoes to wear on my date!

I have only 9 days left of this rotation. Next month is going to be such a nice month. The rotation is a private hospital with a pretty low census service and home call. Home call means I only have to go in if something happens I don't have to stay at the hospital all night if I don't want. That means I am totally staying home on the weekends. yeah. If I stay in the hospital overnight I get to go home post call - so I will definitely be in house on the weeknights. it is going to be a nice month and it ends on the 24th for me. Double yeah!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


While I was in Kyrgyzstan, my daughter was staying with her Dad in New Orleans. Well, she is still there until June 4th. I know she is having a good time....but I get a bad case of insomnia when she is gone. For those 2 of you who have been reading my blog since I started it......she was gone then and I didn't get much sleep then either! She is just super cute and full of love and cuddliness.
I emailed pictures of zeb to her dad's email account and he showed them to her. She wanted to hear him baby talk. When I talked to her tonight she kept asking me to put zeb on the phone so she could hear him baby talk. It was cute.
I am in full - on unpack and repack mode for my move in 5 weeks. There are a ton of things in my life right now that are super overwhelming. My upcoming move, child care after the move (ACK!), the interminable waiting for Zeb to come home, and really how I have managed to keep everything together throughout this year.
I am feeling alittle bit out of control. The out of controllness feeling started in March while I was on Trauma - I was very busy at work, then I got my referral and all of the crazy emotional rollercoaster of April and my referral weirdness, then more super busy work and then travelling. Now moving and trying to figure out how Zebastian is going to get home and what in the world I am going to do for childcare in Alabama! How in the world I am going to get to Alabama - there are so many plans to be made and lists to be written and all I want to do is watch the Hero's marathon on the scifi channel and drink Diet Dr Pepper!
I was hoping to win the powerball today - but my 2 quickpicks didn't pan out! I read a statistic that you are more likely to get struck by lightening TWICE than win the powerball. At least I didn't get struck by lightening.
I met a little girl at the babyhouse who was referred to a couple at another agency - I think about her a lot. She is very, very sweet. I sent a little email and some pictures to their coordinator. I hope that they decide to accept her and give her a bunch of love. The agency said that they sent the email and my contact info to the couple. I hope they get in touch with me. The little girl is in the same group as Zeb and I would like to stay in touch. I also want to know that she has found a family - she really, really needs one. I even tried to brainstorm today how I could find a way to adopt her if the family considering her turns down the referral. Of course, there is no way financially - maybe I will buy some powerball tickets for Wednesday! Funny how some things stay with you.

Friday, May 18, 2007

made it

Here is the view from the stupid shuttle I sat in for an hour before I though my temper tantrum about getting to the hotel!
I made it home though! Lets see any highlights from my flights. Besides the drunken US Army people on their way home and the rowdy Georgia National Football team that got on the plane in Tblisi - the first leg of the journey was pretty uneventfull....loud and rowdy, but uneventful. Be forewarned, however, that when you get to London - they don't trust the bishkek security so you are not allowed back into the terminal until you go through security again which took over an hour. So don't cut any connections too short in london! The flight to Philadelphia was nice except for the snoring 250 pound man sitting next to me. I went to the bathroom and could still hear him snoring like 10 rows back and through the bathroom door. I did watch Eragon, 2 harry potter movies, music and lyrics and the first half of The Holiday ( I saw the second half on the way to london) I love the movies on demand. They just had channels you could swith between on the way to London and I definitely prefer movies on demand.
It is really nice to be home...but now I have to start getting back into life - you know balance my checkbook, clean my room. Unpack from the move 2 weeks ago and start repacking for my big move to Alabama in 5 weeks. It is soooo anticlimactic. I really wish I could have brought him back with me...I signed up for a one trip process darnit!
It looks like it will technically be a one trip process because my agency and I have gotten permission to use an escort. The facilitators in Bishkek want to set up a system so that all of the families who adopt babies will have the option of an escort. Since everyone has to go for the first short trip. Being the first isn't all it is cracked up to be though. They don't know for sure who will be the escort - they have someone in mind but they aren't 100% sure and they don't know 100% how to navigate the entire escort process - but they do have official approval from Almaty and Bishkek. If the whole escort thing has not worked out by the end of July - I will probably make the second trip in August. It stinks to have to wait so long!
I didn't hear from anyone about court - so I probably haven't had my day in court yet. As soon as I do, though, my favorite pictures of Zeb are going up for the world to see!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

40 minutes

Well, I leave for the airport in 40 minutes! This has been such a quick trip. The whole time I was here I had to keep telling myself where I was kind of surreal. I am sure the crazy jet lag (completely unresolved!) didn't help. I went to a really delicious chinese restaurant last night with my coordinator and another american volunteer at the baby house. It was really good.....about 20 minutes into my meal I got totally sick! Fotunately, I didn't throw up on anyone! Oh what a faux pas that would have been. After some phenergan and a good night's sleep though I feel better and ready to travel!

Someone warned me to bring nasal spray because of the pollution....I don't really use nasal spray so I didn't bring any....but boy is htere pollution here. The cars spit it out, there is lots of smoking and the air is just not that great. Although it did get cooler yesterday and rain and that cleared up the air considerably!

The view of the mountains is beautiful....snow capped and towering in the distance. I would have loved to have gone up there....I have read about a delicious restaurantin the mountains. Next visit, it is on my list!

I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to post some pictures tomorrow. Zeb is such a sweet natured little guy. He seems like he is going to be much lower maintenance baby than my daughter.....but we shall see.... I think he has some spunkiness and troublemakerness just waiting to be unleashed!

Better get my one little carryon together and eat some breakfast....although I am a little leary of eating!

babyhouse last visit

So in just 3 days I have noticed some changes in zeb. The first day he didn't smile - he cuddled and yawned and was generally cute. He smiled some yesterday....but today he smiled and laughed and it was very easy to ilicit that smile. He has 3 smile modes. There is a regular smile, there is the open mouth laugh smile and there is an Elvis Presley snarl smile - seriously and it is hysterical!
While I was holding zeb yesterday afternoon it must have been music day - I heard a piano coming from somewhere and singing and it sounded like dancing too. There is a constant flurry of activity in the baby room. Someone is always being fed, being changed, being moved from crib to playpen to bouncy seat and back to crib and more diapers changed. All the while the caregivers are laughing and interacting with the kids. There is lots of sunlight and lots of toys in the baby room.

One of the little girls I held and played with yesterday was playing in the playpen and looked somewhat confused when i didn't pick her up and hold her. She is so sweet and really, really in need of some family love! I wish I could have picked her up and cuddled her and then put in my bag and brought her home! I felt a little guilty that I couldn't play with her.

I am hoping that I go through court on Friday - like my coordinator mentioned yesterday - then I can feel like I am not so far away from bringing zeb home. I will also be able to post his pictures. I didn't get a lot of really good pictures, unfortunately. The first day he was all bundled up and looks like a tiny little head in about 15 pounds of clothes. I was also unsuccessful at capturing the elvis presley snarl...or any of his smiles. That just gives me a challenge for when we get home!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last day

I am sooo sad that it is my last day to see Zeb for at least a month and a half - probably more! I am heading back to the baby house this morning and then again in the afternoon. I can't wait to post some pictures. Saule thinks my court date will be this friday or monday...after I am officially zeb's mom I can post my pictures of us! I don't really have that many other pictures from this trip - sorry. There is a yurt in the front yard of the asia mountain guest house that i have pictures of. Evidently you can rent it for barbecues!

So there are a few things I have analyzed further about Bishkek. The driving makes perfect sense. It seems fun. On the surface it is chaotic - but it really makes sense. Everyone is alert and on their game in the car and when accidents happen you just take care of it yourself. There is no way to drive and talk on you cell phone that is for sure!

There are ants in the hotel...but that is ok - there are certainly bigger, scarier bugs to live with! The hotel is also right next to railroad tracks and trains come bypretty regularly. I happen to like the sound of trains so it wasn't a problem for me. Also the walls are very thin and you hear everything going on in the next room....that wasn't a problem until last night! Even though I did figure out the is not such a refreshing experience! I am looking forward to a long, hot bath in my hotel room in Philadelphia tomorrow night!

Somtimes even when people speak english - i have no idea what they mean. I suppose I knew that already - but seriously the words come out and I understand the words but no idea what the meaning is.

I am going to reread my babyhouse posts and try todescribe it better - catch all of the things I missed.

Baby house

Today I brought some yogurt to feed Zeb. Saule had told me to bring yogurt to feed him - so I did and it turns out he hasn't ever been fed with a it was a fun and messy fiasco. He did let loose with the smiles though! Yesterday I didn't see one - today there was one after another and quite a number of full body smiles with the eyes and the arms and the feet. He was very cuddly today but also a rearin to play! I am going back in less than an hour for play time.

I saw a number of other little ones today who are referrals for Nightlight. I know one of the parents - so I will be emailing you later Heather! I have to hunt down a family though so I can share with them how absolutely wonderful a 15 month little russian girl is!

I met several new people today. I went to the adoption commission and met a woman who is basically the child advocate who works on the commission. She was very nice. It is really weird to meet people and not understand a word she says. That is probably an exageration...I think I understand every synonym for child in russian. Not the most helpful thing to know in russian but what can you do?!

I met one of the american volunteers who works there her name is Betty and she is super, duper nice. Tomorrow one of the other american volunteers is going to meet me at 9 at my hotel to answer questions and just gab about Bishkek and the baby house. I am going to play time tomorrow ant 11 and then having lunch with Saule and Betty.

I went to Tsum today and bought 2 little felt dolls - I am very space limited! I went back to the beta store and got some cheese bread and more coke....mmm.

I am feeling a little more acclimated today. I haven't been really anywhere else and I am ok with that. I know I will be coming back - either for picking up zeb or later when he is older...or both.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Asia Mountain Guest House

I had some issues with the shuttle service - but after waiting in the van for an hour I finally made it here. The van itself is a little old and dirty - definitely not as nice as the car service I saw for the Golden Dragon - but I did make it here!
The driving here is crazy - there are no real lanes and pedestrians have no fear - no fear. I saw one little accident - just a fender bender. I was told that usually people work things out themselves because the police will impound both cars for a month or more if they have to come and try to figure out who is at fault. Quite honestly the driving is so crazy I don't know how they COULD figure out who is at fault!

The guest house if very nice - the building itself is cool - lots of hard wood and tile. They were serving breakfast buffet when I arrived and there really wasn't anything I recognized so I didn't eat anything. They have some snacks out all day long - cookies and coffee and granola - looking stuff.

The room is small! I had to get a suite because that is all they had available and it is one of the smallest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. There is a very utilitarian bed - more like a thick futon, there is a tv with hundreds of satellite channels. I watched the Forbidden Planet on the TCM chanel this morning around 4 am. I also spent a disturbingly long time watching Top Model in Russian. That show is a lot more interesting when you have no idea what is being said.

There is also a refrigerator which I have placed a litre of water and coke in. I did go to the beta store yesterday in my quest for diet dr pepper - to no avail! I am going to go there later to get some yogurt for zeb and some breads too. I love starch.

The internet access is one computer in the lobby which you have to buy a password. The password is $3 but so far as I can tell it is unlimited access.

For meals you have to order what you want for lunch and dinner in the morning and set a time. There is a menu you can choose from at the kitchen area. Everything is a la cart and it can all be added to your bill at the end of your stay. I have no idea if I am suppose to tip. I asked the woman at the front desk and she said everything just gets added on at the end.

I am so far not sick at all - I will keep my fingers crossed for me. I am brushing my teeth with bottled water and drinking a lot of soda!

The bathroom is more of a conundrum to me - as soon as I figure out how to actually turn on the shower I will write more!

silly things about London

So there were a few more things I wanted to say about my 8 hours in London. The first is that Heathrow is sooooo much smaller than I thought it was going to be. WHile I was there - the very first store in the airport that I saw was a Starbucks. I love starbucks...I suspect they rule the planet although I have no direct evidence to support that assertion.

There are little internet kiosks you can pay for internet time either with a credit card or money and I used my credit card, but I had to type in my number and my expiration date and all of that info appeared on the screen while I was typing it. I tried to hide it and look around - but now I am living with the fear that someone wrote down the number and is charging their way across Europe. I quit using that credit card just in case. I don't want to cancel it because I only have a little bit of room on my other I am living dangerously!

I did, of course get something form Starbucks and tried to study a little. Seriously, though I don't think I retained anything about the pharmacodymanic and kinetics of anesthetics! It took me like 45 seconds to even remember what I was trying to learn!

I don't remember if I already posted this - but the British Airways flight from DFW to London gave little packets with a toothbrush and toothpaste - hurrah. Unfortunately, I was so traumatized at making the aisle seat giant stand up that I didn't go to the bathroom to use it!

I did pack some of those little Pond's cleansing wipe and exfoliater wipees to clean my face while I was travelling and they are sooooo awesome! I highly recommend them. I wish I would have gotten those little dipsosable toothbrush scrubby things. It was awesome to be able to wash my face (and exfoliate) without water and as many times as I wanted while flying. It is a must have!

Specialized Baby Home

So, for those of you who have not been is a little baby compound. There are super precious, chubby toddlers toddling in the very colorful playground. There is a baby baby house in the back with 4 little rooms each with 4 or 5 cribs. I took pictures of the crib that Zeb lived in for 2 months. There is a very new building on the side that was built by save the children for a special project they had several years ago that has since finished. It is now a free kindergarten for the children of single moms. Helping single mothers keep their children is our in country facilitator's other job!
The main house is a maze - there different rooms with different groups of kids. There are little cribs and 2 big play areas. There is also the dr.'s office in that building and some offices.

The kids are so happy and I really feel like they are well taken care of. The workers are always holding and playing with the babies. If they aren't being held they are sleeping or are actively playing. There were no babies crying for attention.

Zeb is a little doll. He cuddled up with me the whole time and just kept looking right into my eyes and grabbing for my nose and hair. I held him for 2 hours straight and he finally fell asleep in my arms - at which point I was briskly admonished for not putting him down to sleep.
It was soooo hot here - I was in some light slacks and a lons sleeve (but light wieght) sweater and sweating like pig. Zeb had on full boy footed outfit, shoes, a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, a hat. Halfway through my visit - the doctor added another pair of pants. It is totally out of control!

He moves everything and is very interactive and engaged with people - he localizes sound and is just a little pumpkin. My only concern is that I never actually saw a smile and I busted out my funniest faces. I will have to work on him tomorrow.

I also forgot to bring my adapter so no pictures until Friday - sorry.

I am so sad that I don't get to bring him home this trip. I am also not getting to spend as much time with him as I wanted.

British airways

OK So British airways rules. The trip from Dallas to London was sooooo nice with little tv's and movies to watch. Meals and some leg room. British Airway (mediterraneon - or however you spell it) - not as nice. There was a tv that came down from the ceiling like every 5 rows and non of the headphone jacks worked on my row. The food was still delicious but not quite as much leg room...overall much better than I think Aeroflot would have been.

My flight arrived in Bishkek 2 hours late. I had rushed my visa through so I didn't have to wait in the visa line - I just went straight through passport control. I found a guy holding my name on a sign - he didn't speak any english - he led me out to the Asia Mountain Guest House van and said some stuff in Russian and mimed which I translated as he was waiting for another passenger and for me to wait in the van. Literally 45 mintues later - I was pissed i went storming in and kept asking him "when" and miming the international charade for drive off. He was saying something about consulate and visa. So finally after me throwing a charade temper tantrum - some nice british guy came and explained to me that they were not issuing any visas today because the govt official that was supposed to be working wasn't there.
The driver then handed his sign to someone and took me to the hotel. So my 2 learning lessons from today were:
1. get your visa no matter what before you come to bishkek
2. Temper tantrums are the international love

Sunday, May 13, 2007


i made it to lodon airport change and all. 10 minutes into my flight i have to get up and go the bathroom. there is a 7 foot tall man on the aisle set (i am in the widow seat) and he is not ahppy he made a big to do about standig up and moving out of the way. After I get back into my seat i realize i no longer have my passport. I starte hyperventilating on the inside and ask the 7 foot tall mann if i can get out again a big to do....i can't find it in the bathroom. I ask the flight attendant if anyone has turned one in, She is amazed that i could have lost my pasport so quickly....i am pretty amazing sometimes! She calmly walks me back tomy seat and has me squeeze in past the 7 foot man again and stands there whle I look under my seat and it has magically appeared there even though I looked there like 3 times before. oh you better believe i didn't get up for 7 more hours!
Sorry for the typos - this wierd kiosk has a really annoying keyboard.

happy mothers day everyone!

by the way for some reason the blogger page is all in german except for the posts!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

10 minutes

I am in New Orleans after a very late flight with a 3 year old. Our 2 hour layover in Dallas was hysterical. She found 2 friends to play with which involved running around in a circle for 2 hours. There was a living art piece of blue panels set up in concentric circles...and the 3 kids literally ran around for like 90 minutes.

When they called for our flight - the other kids and their parents got up and we all thought we were going on the same flight. My daughter organized the kids into a line - all holding hands. I went through the check in first with our tickets. My daughter and her two friends followed me on. Then the other parents tried to check in and they were totally going to a different city....meanwhile I am halfway down the jet way with their children! ooops!

My daughter was very sad that her friends were going somewhere else!

now it is 5 more minutes until I leave for the airport!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Disney Cruise

The word is out. Tina at will be organizing the annual disney kyrgyzstan adoption cruise. So check out her website for upcoming information on the 2008 cruise.....ok maybe early 2009 should be the inaugural cruise! Have to figure out how to pack a yurt into my carryon.

The Trip

So I officially leave on Friday afternoon. My daughter and I leave for New Orleans at 330pm and get there about 10pm local time. She will be spending the next 2 1/2 weeks with her dad there. She is so NOT looking forward to it. Everytime we talk about packing or the trip she cries and says "no mommy, I want to stay in Arizona - don't make me go". So that sucks. I am sure once she sees her dad in the airport she will be happy - but it is only making the preparation that much more stressfull.

I leave from New Orleans at 1030am to DFW. Leave DFW at 420 pm arrive London Gatwick at 720 am. Then leave from Heathrow at 3pm and arrive in Bishkek 515am local time. Which when you figure in the time differences isn't so bad. It is like 25 hours of travelling....pishaw - that's nothing!

I have absolutely no idea what my itinerary is once I am in Bishkek. I know my hotel has a shuttle to pick me up and I am guessing at some point - hopefully early- I will go to the baby house and give zebastian a ton of kisses. I am talking to my coordinator tomorrow and hopefully I will find out a little bit more of what to expect when I am there!

73 hours later at 845 am I leave Bishkek for London arrive there 245pm, leave for Philidelphia at 415 and arrive there at 730 pm. I stay the night in Philadelphia and head to DFW and home to Tucson the next am - arriving in Tucson at noon-ish. I suppose I had better find a hotel for Philadelphia. I think I will need one!

I am going to try to post while I am over there and I plan on taking a truckload of pictures....I have my extra battery and my extra memory - I'm ready!

Monday, May 7, 2007

small random thoughts

I have been reading a new blog - by a woman who works for an adoption agency that facilitates adoptions from China. It is an interesting perspective - although she does seem very young. I wish I seemed younger than I am!
Anyway, while I was reading her blog whose last entry was on parents justifying a gender choice - I started thinking about my own jump from toddler girl to infant boy.
There are a million reasons I wanted another little girl in my family - I certainly did not veiw my reasons as "justifications" - just reasons. While the blogger mentioned above thinks that requesting a particular gender for you referral is ...well...bad - I think there is nothing wrong with it. Adoption is expensive and there are a lot of people who will find it very difficult to afford a second adoption and if they have dreamed of having a daughter and want a daughter more than anything else in the world. I don't have a problem with it.

That being said, I am sooooo excited and glad that I changed my mind and opened up my referral to a little boy. Everyone I have ever talked to about parenting boys vs girls says boys are easier anyway! It took me a long time to make that decision too.

When I first started my homestudy I thought very long and hard about what referral I would be open to. I did not want to adopt a child older than my daughter so had to be under 3. I thought a lot about surgically correctable special needs - I just didn't think I could do it as a single mom with a very modest income - maybe next time! The hardest decision for me was deciding on whether or not to limit gender. My homestudy social worker definitely was of the opinion that a single mom shouldn't be raising a son. My mother also had that concern. My dad basically is discriminatory against little boys - period. He loves his daughters and his granddaughters and has years of distrust of the boys that come around for them! He is an old softee though and I know that once Zeb is here - he will love him a lot.

I don't know what exactly changed - it just dawned on me one day - maybe it was after reading a post on little boys made by Cindy on her blog. About 24 hours after the thought occurred to me to open my referral up to a boy as well - I had become so attached to the idea that there was no going back!

I am just so glad that I am adopting this little boy!

all by myself

So it is official.....Neither of the families that were going to travel at the same time as me are travelling. I am sooooo alone! Oh well - hopefully it is true that I will be able to stay at the baby house all day. I am going to try to switch hotels to one with room service and that takes credit cards - I am so bad! It is a little daunting - I have never travelled outside of the country (ok a couple of trips to Canada but seriously - Niagra falls and the casino in Windsor do not count!) and now I am doing it all by myself! I suppose this only barely qualifies since I am travelling for most of the time I will be gone and only really staying in Bishkek for 73 hours!

I am really starting to get excited and nervous - I haven't packed anything yet. I actually can't even find a carry-on to use. We just moved and I can't really find anything so I guess I will have to buy one today. I am actually a little bit overwhelmed.

I can't wait to actually hold Zebastian. Wow.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I am working on orange today.....This is cute....but totally not $62.50 cute. I may focus on booties today - boy that could be taken out of context! It is an all day at the VA day and there is only minimal work to be done. I already balanced my checkbook and went through my I am going to be soooo broke hyperventilation (which I go through every time I balance my checkbook) - so there is really nothing left to do by window shop on the internet and eat all of the junkfood I brought in with me today.
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I will be done with my first full year of being a doctor and my only year of being a surgery resident (thank goodness). I have learned a lot and worked A LOT. I am so glad to be moving to Alabama and starting anesthesiology.
Now all I need is my super cute new son and to win the lottery...someone buy a a powerball ticket for today's drawing for me! If I win I will buy orange terry cloth rompers for everyone!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

nothing happening seems like nothing is going on....the yahoo forum is completely empty. I guess there is nothing to talk about! I am seriously just marking time until I travel in 8 days. I don't know yet what I need to bring...I don't have my visa yet - it is being rushed by the assistant stork. I totally need to buy a new carryon suitcase - since I am only bringing a carryon. I have to figure out all of the rules of carryon luggage too - for flights leaving Heathrow - since I have to change planes in London. Although I have been assured by a good friend that it will be very easy - I can put the shuttle on my credit card and the British Airway people will give me good directions. I such a wuss! I am going to be soooooo broke soon! Seriously, I have been trying to figure out how I am going to manage to pay for my extra trip. Obviously I can pay for it with credit cards...but I am going to be hurting this summer trying to pay for child care, our living expenses and the credit card bills. At least there will be 3 of us to cuddle up with to stay warm when we have to keep the thermostat set at 55 degrees all winter!
I have decided that Zebastian is going to look super cute in purple - so if anyone finds some good purple hats or jumpers...let me know now! Once I travel I won't be able to afford to buy clothes!

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