Saturday, May 12, 2007

10 minutes

I am in New Orleans after a very late flight with a 3 year old. Our 2 hour layover in Dallas was hysterical. She found 2 friends to play with which involved running around in a circle for 2 hours. There was a living art piece of blue panels set up in concentric circles...and the 3 kids literally ran around for like 90 minutes.

When they called for our flight - the other kids and their parents got up and we all thought we were going on the same flight. My daughter organized the kids into a line - all holding hands. I went through the check in first with our tickets. My daughter and her two friends followed me on. Then the other parents tried to check in and they were totally going to a different city....meanwhile I am halfway down the jet way with their children! ooops!

My daughter was very sad that her friends were going somewhere else!

now it is 5 more minutes until I leave for the airport!


lara said...

That is just so funny!

Tina said...

omg...that sounds like something that would happen to us too since Suzannah is a magnet for all children. I have been thinking about you guys so much! I cannot wait to hear reports from Bishkek!!!

Julie & John Wright said...

No No No your new child is in Kyrgyzstan ! Ha Ha

Have a great trip.
Blessings John

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