Wednesday, May 16, 2007

40 minutes

Well, I leave for the airport in 40 minutes! This has been such a quick trip. The whole time I was here I had to keep telling myself where I was kind of surreal. I am sure the crazy jet lag (completely unresolved!) didn't help. I went to a really delicious chinese restaurant last night with my coordinator and another american volunteer at the baby house. It was really good.....about 20 minutes into my meal I got totally sick! Fotunately, I didn't throw up on anyone! Oh what a faux pas that would have been. After some phenergan and a good night's sleep though I feel better and ready to travel!

Someone warned me to bring nasal spray because of the pollution....I don't really use nasal spray so I didn't bring any....but boy is htere pollution here. The cars spit it out, there is lots of smoking and the air is just not that great. Although it did get cooler yesterday and rain and that cleared up the air considerably!

The view of the mountains is beautiful....snow capped and towering in the distance. I would have loved to have gone up there....I have read about a delicious restaurantin the mountains. Next visit, it is on my list!

I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to post some pictures tomorrow. Zeb is such a sweet natured little guy. He seems like he is going to be much lower maintenance baby than my daughter.....but we shall see.... I think he has some spunkiness and troublemakerness just waiting to be unleashed!

Better get my one little carryon together and eat some breakfast....although I am a little leary of eating!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

Well, it's Thursday night here, Friday morning there, hoping your case goes to court today and all goes well!

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