Monday, May 7, 2007

all by myself

So it is official.....Neither of the families that were going to travel at the same time as me are travelling. I am sooooo alone! Oh well - hopefully it is true that I will be able to stay at the baby house all day. I am going to try to switch hotels to one with room service and that takes credit cards - I am so bad! It is a little daunting - I have never travelled outside of the country (ok a couple of trips to Canada but seriously - Niagra falls and the casino in Windsor do not count!) and now I am doing it all by myself! I suppose this only barely qualifies since I am travelling for most of the time I will be gone and only really staying in Bishkek for 73 hours!

I am really starting to get excited and nervous - I haven't packed anything yet. I actually can't even find a carry-on to use. We just moved and I can't really find anything so I guess I will have to buy one today. I am actually a little bit overwhelmed.

I can't wait to actually hold Zebastian. Wow.


Jackie said...

Michelle, sorry you are traveling solo, but I'm sure you will do fine. One of my friends traveled solo on her first trip (14 day trip). It was rough, but it can be done...and I guess we do what we must knowing what is waiting for us ;) While my mom is planning to travel with me, there is that slight possibility that I might be on my own for one of my trips. I'm looking forward to hearing about Zeb and your trip. All the best and good luck finding a carry-on. Jackie

lara said...

such a shame you have to travel solo i read on one yahoo group that people offer themselves up as travel companions paying for the trip themselves.
not sure how this works travelling with a stranger but its an idea.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

We'll be sending positive thoughts your way while you are navigating all the airports. Enjoy your whirlwind trip.

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