Monday, May 14, 2007

Asia Mountain Guest House

I had some issues with the shuttle service - but after waiting in the van for an hour I finally made it here. The van itself is a little old and dirty - definitely not as nice as the car service I saw for the Golden Dragon - but I did make it here!
The driving here is crazy - there are no real lanes and pedestrians have no fear - no fear. I saw one little accident - just a fender bender. I was told that usually people work things out themselves because the police will impound both cars for a month or more if they have to come and try to figure out who is at fault. Quite honestly the driving is so crazy I don't know how they COULD figure out who is at fault!

The guest house if very nice - the building itself is cool - lots of hard wood and tile. They were serving breakfast buffet when I arrived and there really wasn't anything I recognized so I didn't eat anything. They have some snacks out all day long - cookies and coffee and granola - looking stuff.

The room is small! I had to get a suite because that is all they had available and it is one of the smallest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. There is a very utilitarian bed - more like a thick futon, there is a tv with hundreds of satellite channels. I watched the Forbidden Planet on the TCM chanel this morning around 4 am. I also spent a disturbingly long time watching Top Model in Russian. That show is a lot more interesting when you have no idea what is being said.

There is also a refrigerator which I have placed a litre of water and coke in. I did go to the beta store yesterday in my quest for diet dr pepper - to no avail! I am going to go there later to get some yogurt for zeb and some breads too. I love starch.

The internet access is one computer in the lobby which you have to buy a password. The password is $3 but so far as I can tell it is unlimited access.

For meals you have to order what you want for lunch and dinner in the morning and set a time. There is a menu you can choose from at the kitchen area. Everything is a la cart and it can all be added to your bill at the end of your stay. I have no idea if I am suppose to tip. I asked the woman at the front desk and she said everything just gets added on at the end.

I am so far not sick at all - I will keep my fingers crossed for me. I am brushing my teeth with bottled water and drinking a lot of soda!

The bathroom is more of a conundrum to me - as soon as I figure out how to actually turn on the shower I will write more!


LaJoy Family said...

Thanks Michelle! You KNEW I would be waiting to hear about the Guest House! Thanks a million, it sounds fine, expecially for the price...but it will be interesting to see how 5 of us will fit in one room if theya re that small :-) The info on the internet access is awesome...drink a Coke Lite for me!

Amira said...

The first thing you always ask in a hotel room or apartment in the former Soviet Union is how to work the shower. :)

It sounds like things are going well. I'm glad things went well at the baby house. I always thought it was a pretty nice place.

Kara said...

What's this about complicated showers? Glad to know to ask now. Michelle, your trip is sounding so interesting. Are there other foreigners at the guest they speak English there?

Michelle said...

So turns out the shower was actually really easy to turn on - there were just extra knobs that threw me for a loop!

tina said...

Girl - I told you there was no diet dr pepper. You can drink coke light and you'll be grateful that it's available!

I'm glad the room is nice. Suzannah watched spongebob in Russian and she said she didn't mind and that it was still funny. I watched a little Academy Awards in Russian....LOL.

LaJoy Family said...

Got you all topped on the TV stuff...we saw something akin to Wheel of Fortune with the exception of food being placed on the wheel and pasties only on some of the women. We called it "Wheel of Fish" and got enormous laughs over it!

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