Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby house

Today I brought some yogurt to feed Zeb. Saule had told me to bring yogurt to feed him - so I did and it turns out he hasn't ever been fed with a spoon....so it was a fun and messy fiasco. He did let loose with the smiles though! Yesterday I didn't see one - today there was one after another and quite a number of full body smiles with the eyes and the arms and the feet. He was very cuddly today but also a rearin to play! I am going back in less than an hour for play time.

I saw a number of other little ones today who are referrals for Nightlight. I know one of the parents - so I will be emailing you later Heather! I have to hunt down a family though so I can share with them how absolutely wonderful a 15 month little russian girl is!

I met several new people today. I went to the adoption commission and met a woman who is basically the child advocate who works on the commission. She was very nice. It is really weird to meet people and not understand a word she says. That is probably an exageration...I think I understand every synonym for child in russian. Not the most helpful thing to know in russian but what can you do?!

I met one of the american volunteers who works there her name is Betty and she is super, duper nice. Tomorrow one of the other american volunteers is going to meet me at 9 at my hotel to answer questions and just gab about Bishkek and the baby house. I am going to play time tomorrow ant 11 and then having lunch with Saule and Betty.

I went to Tsum today and bought 2 little felt dolls - I am very space limited! I went back to the beta store and got some cheese bread and more coke....mmm.

I am feeling a little more acclimated today. I haven't been really anywhere else and I am ok with that. I know I will be coming back - either for picking up zeb or later when he is older...or both.


Mala said...

What a wonderful update!!! Thank you. I can't wait for pictures!!!

A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

Michelle -
If I can give you one piece of advice it is to not drive yourself crazy trying to take in the city. Do what you can to take pics, but you are there to be with your baby and that is plenty to take in at one time! We learned the hard way and ended up spending the last two days in our hotel room, suffering from exhaustion (not to mention overstimulation of a baby that has only seen the inside of an orphanage). Good Luck!
Lori H

lara said...

Its great to hear that you are having a lovely time , cant wait to see the pictures.

tina said...

I am loving all the descriptions of him smiling. YAY Zeb! Purple clothes await you!

LaJoy Family said...

Hey Michelle! I forgot to ask you and you may not read this before you leave, but can you ask Saule if Toktogul knows when we are coming? I don't know how he is being prepared for all of this and it would be helpful to know if he will be expecting us to come very soon. Little Zeb sounds like a keeper to me!! Pics girl, we need pics!

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