Wednesday, May 16, 2007

babyhouse last visit

So in just 3 days I have noticed some changes in zeb. The first day he didn't smile - he cuddled and yawned and was generally cute. He smiled some yesterday....but today he smiled and laughed and it was very easy to ilicit that smile. He has 3 smile modes. There is a regular smile, there is the open mouth laugh smile and there is an Elvis Presley snarl smile - seriously and it is hysterical!
While I was holding zeb yesterday afternoon it must have been music day - I heard a piano coming from somewhere and singing and it sounded like dancing too. There is a constant flurry of activity in the baby room. Someone is always being fed, being changed, being moved from crib to playpen to bouncy seat and back to crib and more diapers changed. All the while the caregivers are laughing and interacting with the kids. There is lots of sunlight and lots of toys in the baby room.

One of the little girls I held and played with yesterday was playing in the playpen and looked somewhat confused when i didn't pick her up and hold her. She is so sweet and really, really in need of some family love! I wish I could have picked her up and cuddled her and then put in my bag and brought her home! I felt a little guilty that I couldn't play with her.

I am hoping that I go through court on Friday - like my coordinator mentioned yesterday - then I can feel like I am not so far away from bringing zeb home. I will also be able to post his pictures. I didn't get a lot of really good pictures, unfortunately. The first day he was all bundled up and looks like a tiny little head in about 15 pounds of clothes. I was also unsuccessful at capturing the elvis presley snarl...or any of his smiles. That just gives me a challenge for when we get home!


lara said...

Have a safe journey .
The time will fly by and it wont be long until you are back and bringing him home.

Kara said...

Beautiful images. I have such a better idea of what it's going to be like now. Thank you.

tina said...

Come home and we will distract you with funny emails and then he'll be home before you know it!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Wishing you a safe journey home and that time will fly by. It's always fun to distract yourself with baby shopping!

Michelle said...

I am hoping the flight will seem to go quicker since it theoretically only takes one day to get to my hotel in PHilly! My layover in London is also much shorter!

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