Monday, May 14, 2007

British airways

OK So British airways rules. The trip from Dallas to London was sooooo nice with little tv's and movies to watch. Meals and some leg room. British Airway (mediterraneon - or however you spell it) - not as nice. There was a tv that came down from the ceiling like every 5 rows and non of the headphone jacks worked on my row. The food was still delicious but not quite as much leg room...overall much better than I think Aeroflot would have been.

My flight arrived in Bishkek 2 hours late. I had rushed my visa through so I didn't have to wait in the visa line - I just went straight through passport control. I found a guy holding my name on a sign - he didn't speak any english - he led me out to the Asia Mountain Guest House van and said some stuff in Russian and mimed which I translated as he was waiting for another passenger and for me to wait in the van. Literally 45 mintues later - I was pissed i went storming in and kept asking him "when" and miming the international charade for drive off. He was saying something about consulate and visa. So finally after me throwing a charade temper tantrum - some nice british guy came and explained to me that they were not issuing any visas today because the govt official that was supposed to be working wasn't there.
The driver then handed his sign to someone and took me to the hotel. So my 2 learning lessons from today were:
1. get your visa no matter what before you come to bishkek
2. Temper tantrums are the international love

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