Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Calling Tina!

So Tina is officially MIA! Maybe she is with Mala's Dossier! I am sure she is having a great time cuddling her new little pumpkin!

I talked to me coordinator this morning and the full escort is off. Now I am going to meet Zeb and the incountry coordinater in Almaty and take him through the immigration stuff and bring him home all by myself. I really like that idea better. It would have been weird to have a stranger travelling with my son. As hard as it probably is to travel 30 hours with 7 month old, I am looking forward to it and the time to just cuddle. And of course to use the super cute slings I bought already! One of them is pink, but I will dress Zeb very baby macho so he doesn't get a complex! Shaving off the Bishekek part of trip 2 will keep my trip to less than a week. That will be work for me! Now it is just a matter of waiting for court and hoping rules don't change again!



Jackie said...

I was just thinking about Tina, too...wondering how things are going for her. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.

Do you have any idea of how long it might be before court and when you might be bringing Zeb home?

mala said...

Michelle, that sounds great! Just think of all that cuddle time! I'm looking forward to being on the plane with Beck, just him and I! Of course that's a loooong way off.

Shall I issue a APB for Tina?

Mala said...

I got a message from Tina!! WHEW!! She's doing well but has some e-mail issues. I feel better now!

tina said...

I'm here!!! SOOOO much going on, but Isabel is with us and we are having good times. Bishkek Belly is here and there are administrative issues that are consuming me too. This morning was the first time I could come up for air. More later.

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