Saturday, May 26, 2007


I just talked to my coordinator and my adoption was finalized in Bishkek last night around 8pm! Hurray! I added a new link over on my faves page to some of the other pictures I took in Bishkek. My agency sent me travel dates for July 16 - July 20th.....but my new job starts July first and noone is allowed to take vacation in July! So it looks like I will have to wait until August. I am going to call UAB and see if they might make an exception for me....but I don't like trying to get exceptions for things - it is not in my nature!
YEAH! I am soooooo close now!

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Shea said...

What a cutie! Love all the pics of the baby house... we didn't spend much time there so it's nice to see some other parts of it!

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